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Up to $/€/£600 FREE welcome bonus

Big Dollar make some big claims. A trip to the casino's 'About Us' page informs us that Big Dollar offer 'quick, hassle-free payouts', 'Generous daily, weekly and monthly promotions', 'Secure banking and fast processing time' and much more. Unfortunately, the page also contains spelling errors and lists years-old slot games as 'Recently launched games', which is a big indicator that Big Dollar's website designers have taken their eyes off the ball. Or just don't care.

We've been gradually working our way through reviewing the various casinos operated by the Genesys Club online gambling group and Big Dollar is the fifth casino (so far) that we've inspected. Unfortunately, with all the goodwill in the world, we're starting to become more than a bit annoyed with the messy, confusing and incomplete websites attached to this group's casinos.

Website designers - you're fired!

The other Genesys Club casino brands we've reviewed are Grand Eagle, Lucky Creek, Mandarin Palace and Treasure Mile (click any to see them in a new tab/window). All of them suffer from the same 'crap website' problem and it is far from reassuring, particularly as the casino's website will usually be the first impression any new potential member will see before deciding whether to sign-up or not. Visitors to the casino website looking to download Big Dollar's software are guaranteed a hard time, which we'll go into in more detail within this review.

As with all brands in this group, Big Dollar itself is not a bad place to play with hundreds of quality casino games from several talented providers (Betsoft, Genii, Rival and Saucify) but the owners/operators seem hell-bent on making Big Dollar and its sister-casinos 'appear' bad. To be blunt, whoever is responsible for this group's casino websites should be ashamed of themselves and even more bluntly, lose their jobs. Big Dollar's website should be so much better and could easily be transformed into something impressive - in the right hands.

Big Dollar's T&C - Welcome to Amateur-Land

A first glance at Big Dollar Casino's website doesn't present anything amiss but you'll only have to click one link to other pages to quickly discover that Big Dollar's website has been amateurishly thrown together with next to zero quality-control. At least, that's the impression visitors will get - and that's quite unforgivable considering that Big Dollar Casino has been online since 2006. A group with more than fifteen years experience in the online casino industry should know and perform better. We even found mention of NetEnt games in Big Dollar's T&C and this casino does NOT provide NetEnt games! Laziness or incompetence - neither is an acceptable excuse.

Big Dollar Casino excluded countriesYour first problem when considering joining Big Dollar as a new client will be to ascertain whether your country of residence is accepted or not. This shouldn't be difficult to find out - any half-decent online casino will list this information prominently and always in its terms and conditions. Well, Big Dollar does provide a list of excluded countries (see image, right) but it's incorrect and even worse, Big Dollar know this.

The biggest no-no in Big Dollar's list of excluded countries is the USA. Genesys Club has confirmed to us on more than one occasion that the USA is the source of most of its clients and yet it's listed as an excluded country. We have pointed out this error to Genesys Club several times and always receive the same response that it'll be updated. Well, we're some years down the line and they've changed nothing.

It's extremely apparent that this is a feeble attempt to appear legitimate to US-lawmakers but no-one is being fooled. The only thing Big Dollar is achieving by knowingly listing the USA as excluded is that potential new US-based players will see this exclusion and head to another online casino that doesn't confuse its visitors. Great work there, Big Dollar.

Listing accepted (even highly targeted) countries as excluded when they are clearly welcome at Big Dollar Casino is more than just an inconvenience. It could potentially cost you money. If we cannot trust the information in Big Dollar's T&C to be accurate then the casino has every excuse, should they want to, not to pay out winnings if you've signed-up from one of these 'accepted but not officially' countries. We have no idea which of the other countries listed as excluded are really accepted at Big Dollar but we're confident the USA isn't the only intentional discrepancy.

Where can I download Big Dollar Casino?

Excellent question. Genesys Group has shot themselves in the foot again by hiding Big Dollar's download casino on its shoddy website. Search all you want (we did) but you will not find any button or link to download Big Dollar Casino. Bearing in mind that Big Dollar's software download is by far the best of the three available casino editions (download, browser-play and mobile), this is yet another massive mistake. We receive countless e-mails here at complaining about the lack of easy-to-find download links and this is a perfect example why.

Big Dollar Casino download problemsSadly, the above means that if you have not already downloaded Big Dollar's premium software to your computer then you will be stuck with playing the inferior browser or mobile versions of the casino. At least, that is the case until steps in to save the day - hurrah!

As with all online casino downloads listed at, we are able to provide a 'future-proof' link that will download Big Dollar's premium casino now and as many times as you need to in the future. It's totally ridiculous that Big Dollar don't provide this service themselves and whilst we're happy to do their work for them for players, it's another stain on the casino's reputation. The team behind Big Dollar might prefer their players to use the less-impressive browser-version or even more restricted mobile casino but that doesn't necessarily mean that players agree with them.

Most professional online casino players WANT the option to download casino software, even if they mix-up their play with other editions. Big Dollar is doing these players a big disservice by limiting their clients to the weaker versions of their casino.

We strongly recommend players always download casino software as it provides the most games, faster loading, boosted security, better navigation, more stable game-play and other benefits.

Bonuses at Big Dollar - it's only getting worse

If you thought you'd already seen the worst of the confusion that Big Dollar has to throw at you, well - you've got far worse to come when you examine the casino's welcome bonuses for new members. This is truly the worst example of explaining bonuses that we have come across at ANY online casino in probably a decade or two (and that takes some doing).

There are so many mistakes, omissions and inconsistencies regarding bonuses at Big Dollar's website that it's hard to know where to start. And for the record, yes - we have informed Big Dollar of these issues so if they're not fixed then you can be fairly certain that there's a level of disdain for Big Dollar's clients and potential new customers.

$500 bonus? $600 bonus? Unlimited bonus?

Big Dollar $500 welcome bonusBig Dollar's welcome bonus for first-time depositors is at least clear in that we know it's a 200% deposit bonus, ie. deposit $/€/£50 to receive a $/€/£100 bonus and thus a starting balance of $/€/£150. That's where the brief clarity ends and a crap-storm of confusion smacks you in the face.

Most potential new players looking to start their membership with a first-deposit bonus will usually head to the 'promotions' page on the casino's website. We did that and IMMEDIATELY spotted a problem. The welcome bonus code of WELCOME200 is prominently displayed alongside the 200% bonus but there is NO mention of a bonus limit. So is this an unlimited 200% bonus? If we're to believe Big Dollar's promotions page then that would be the assumption. But that's not the case, you probably won't be surprised to learn.

Looking around all parts of a casino's website and download software is all part of our review process and during these visits we discovered that Big Dollar has decided to list a $/€/£500 bonus limit for the WELCOME200 promo on - of all places - the casino's 'News' page. Apparently, the brains behind Big Dollar believe it's more important to list promotion terms and limits on the News page instead of the Promotions page! But we're not even close to being done with bonus madness yet...

Only a fraction of visitors (usually the most clued-up and experienced online gamblers) will bother to read a casino's 'About Us' page - it can yield some interesting information so is always worth at least a quick read. Another non-brilliant first for an online casino we've reviewed - accessing this page at Big Dollar requires for some nutty reason bypassing a very temperamental 'CAPTCHA' process which we found to be a real pain-in-the-butt. When we did get through to the About Us page, we were informed that 'Upon registering an account with Big Dollar Casino, you get a big welcome bonus: 200% Bonus up to $/€/£600'. Grrrrr! And it only makes matters more embarrassing that Big Dollar cannot seem to spell the names of their software providers correctly either on this page.

Big Dollar $99 welcome bonusSo what is the REAL first-deposit bonus limit at Big Dollar? We literally have no clue and it appears the casino doesn't either. To make matters even MORE confusing, Big Dollar's homepage doesn't bother to mention the 200% bonus but instead lists a completely different 99% bonus that isn't even mentioned on the promotions page. This is lunacy and sheer ineptness that we've fortunately never had the displeasure of having to deal with before - and we have reviewed some seriously bad casinos and their websites. This certainly wins the Golden Raspberry Award for online casino sites.

We have, of course, contacted Big Dollar but we're not holding our breath for a resolution considering it's been years since we first advised the owners of other, numerous errors. At the time of writing, we have received no response and if this is still in our review of Big Dollar then it means we still haven't heard back (we'll update if we ever do).

Big Dollar's no deposit required bonus - another shambles

You'd think that having a no deposit required sign-up bonus would be a good thing for players - and it is, when done properly. Big Dollar Casino does offer new members a free no deposit bonus but - shocker - it's another pure-chaos situation that only Big Dollar could screw up this badly.

Big Dollar $10 no deposit bonus codeBig Dollar's 'amazing' website boasts of having a $10 no deposit required bonus available for new sign-ups, although there is a long list of countries (if it's accurate, of course) that are excluded from claiming no deposit bonuses. If you want to claim this free $10 sign-up bonus, which is only listed in dollars but we assume is available in the currency of your account (CA$, DKK, EURO€, NOK, SEK, UK£ or US$), then use bonus code TENDOLLAR to get it. But hold fire for now... because Big Dollar's consistent inconsistencies (yeah, that works) are about to throw another spanner (or wrench, if you prefer) in the works.

Big Dollar $25 no deposit bonus codeAlways keeping you on your toes, Big Dollar's homepage-listed $10 no deposit bonus should probably be ignored as the casino offers a higher value free bonus on its promotions page. There is naturally no explanation as to why Big Dollar have listed two different no deposit bonuses (you can only claim one of them) and displayed the lower of the two on its homepage but by this stage, we've come to expect just about anything from this casino.

The free bonus listed on the promotions page (select 'Daily & New Player Promos') requires a different bonus code of SPINME25 and credits new members with a $25 no deposit required bonus.

Assuming the information is correct (and that's all we can do), Big Dollar's no deposit bonus terms limit withdrawals from free (no deposit) bonuses to $/€/£100.

Recommended? not recommendedAlthough as mentioned we have already reviewed other casinos in this online gambling group, this is the first time we've given one of its brands the dreaded red thumb-down rating. Perhaps we're tired of giving these casinos a chance to do the right thing and we cannot recommend players join Big Dollar for all the many reasons outlined in our review. This is a shame because behind the appalling website, there could be a good casino. However, if the shop-front displays signs that the business does not care about its clients then it's not possible for us to recommend our visitors to sign-up. Sort yourselves out, Genesys Club. We've been patient enough already and so have your players. Please don't make us red-thumb all your brands.

Big Dollar Casino screenshots

Big Dollar Casino website
Bright Star slot, Genii
Deuces Wild Poker, Saucify
Big Dollar Casino website
Bright Star slot at Big Dollar
Deuces Wild Poker

Big Dollar Casino download
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September 2021 welcome bonuses

Given how Big Dollar has (mis)handled the welcome bonuses for new members, you won't be surprised to learn that we were unable to find a minimum amount required to claim the 200% first deposit bonus. We also do not know the maximum bonus limit thanks to the multiple-amounts littered across Big Dollar's website so we have listed only bonus examples below that we believe to be feasible.

  • Deposit $/€/£50 and get $/€/£100 free bonus - start with $/€/£150
  • Deposit $/€/£100 and get $/€/£200 free bonus - start with $/€/£300
  • Deposit $/€/£250 and get $/€/£500 free bonus - start with $/€/£750

Remember to use bonus code WELCOME200 to claim your first-deposit bonus at Big Dollar. You can do this in the Big Dollar download casino or browser/mobile casinos.

Big Dollar casino downloadDownload Big Dollar Casino
Big Dollar download filename: BigDollarInstaller.exe
Download link casino verified on 13 September 2021

Visit casino website - T&C

Download instructions: yet again, Genesys Club has hidden its download software for Big Dollar Casino but fortunately we have you covered. To the best of our knowledge, is the only resource where you can download Big Dollar Casino but on the plus side, you will obtain a 'future-plus' link via e-mail that can be used an unlimited number of times (for example, if you change your computer). Click the 'Download Big Dollar Casino' link above to get started.

Big Dollar Casino information

Software: Betsoft, Genii, Rival, Saucify

Excluded countries: Australia, Curacao, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, South Africa, UK

No Deposit Bonus-only excluded countries: players living in the following countries may download Big Dollar Casino and sign-up but cannot claim any NO deposit bonuses until a first deposit has been made. Other bonuses including the standard welcome deposit bonus are still claimable by new Big Dollar members living in: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominica, Estonia, French Polynesia, Georgia, Greece, Guadeloupe, Herzegovina, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Licensed in: Curacao

Year launched: 2006

Accepted banking methods: Bitcoin, Check, Credit/debit card, ecoPayz/ecoCard, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill/Moneybookers, UPayCard, Wire transfer

Currencies: CA$, DKK, EURO€, NOK, SEK, UK£, US$

Cashout limits: The minimum amount withdrawable if you've claimed a bonus is $/€/£100. New members starting on the Bronze Tier loyalty level can withdraw up to $/€/£1500 weekly. This amount increases to $/€/£5000 as your loyalty level increases and VIP/high roller players should be able to negotiate a higher cashout limit with Big Dollar.

Contact details



Telephone: Canada - 1855 745 1441, Europe 0800 911 620, other - 1844 236 8582 (all numbers toll-free)

Live chat: members and interested visitors can reach a live-chat member of Big Dollar's support team by clicking the 'headset' icon in the bottom/right corner of every page of the website. If you have downloaded Big Dollar then you can easily and instantly reach the casino's support staff from within the software.

Postal address: Genesys Technology N.V., Ardera Limited, Chytron 30, 2nd Floor, Office A22, 1075, Nicosia, Cyprus

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