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Up to $/€4000 FREE welcome bonus

Jumba Bet is a very difficult one to call and even more tricky to decide if we should recommend you sign-up or not. There's a lot that we like about Jumba Bet but the casino blows much of its good work with a colossal amount of screw-ups along the way. Probably the easiest and quickest way to describe Jumba Bet in this review introduction is that it's a downloadable online casino that is actually pretty good, once you're a signed-up member. However, it can be a massive pain in the arse getting to that point due to Jumba Bet having one of the worst websites we've ever had to contend with plus some ropey customer support.

Now I'm scared! Start slowly...

Fear not - we intend to start with the basics (trust us, we're saving your sanity). Jumba Bet is a sister-site to Jackpot Wheel Casino and offers players games from the same gaming studios and designers, meaning players at Jumba Bet have access to hundreds of various casino games from Betsoft, Genii, Rival and Saucify.

Players can opt to access Jumba Bet via the usual three playing methods: 1 - download Jumba Bet to your computer (more on that later!), 2 - play in your browser or 3 - use a tablet/pad or phone (naturally, this is the weakest of the three casino versions due to hardware limitations).

If you choose to download Jumba Bet then you'll find the entire collection of casino games are available in the software download (either pre-installed or ready to download in seconds), whereas the other two versions will be missing some things that make downloading recommended. The browser casino isn't missing much in the way of games that we noticed but there's an unavoidable reduction in 'atmosphere' and IS inferior to the download casino in our opinion.

Jumba Bet's mobile casino should be considered as a 'lite-rendition', suggested for online gamblers who insist on doing things the mobile way, players away from home or those who simply don't own a computer to download Jumba Bet onto.

So what's the problem with downloading Jumba Bet?

Jumba Bet downloading insanityIt quickly becomes apparent that Jumba Bet would rather you use their browser or mobile casinos, instead of the always-preferable software download. The process of downloading Jumba Bet Casino is likely to put you off online casinos for years to come, unless you know what you're doing. Thankfully, we know our way around download casinos and can help keep you from throwing your computer out of the nearest window.

The fun and games (excuse the sarcastic pun) of downloading Jumba Bet's software begins immediately the moment you decide to download the casino. Like other casino brands within this gambling group, Jumba Bet DOES feature a download casino but good luck finding a download link or button on the casino's perplexing, mess of a website. In fact, don't bother looking because you won't find anywhere on Jumba Bet's website where you can actually download the software. Yep, they've removed ALL links to their premium, download casino - leaving players only with the less impressive mobile casino and to a lesser extent, the browser version.

If you're a regular visitor to (if not, why not?) then you'll already be aware that we offer our visitors 'future-proof' download links that locate a casino's software download, even if the casino has removed or hidden its download casino, as in the case of Jumba Bet. Jumba Bet is a perfect example of why we provide this free service.

So as ludicrous and foolish as it seems, Jumba Bet's download casino can ONLY be obtained (as far as we know) from our website and whilst we're happy to provide this service and receive the resultant search traffic, it isn't right that Jumba Bet has taken this action. Especially as Jumba Bet's download casino is the premium version. It's the result of lack of knowledge of those who don't actually play online casino games but think they know best for real money players who do want to download casinos (we receive a LOT of e-mails, complaining about casinos removing and hiding their software downloads).

See 'Download instructions' further down this page for more information about obtaining our future-proof download link for Jumba Bet - we've made the process straightforward (as it should be).

What about the rest of Jumba Bet's website?

Things don't get a lot better even if you don't intend on downloading Jumba Bet. Visiting the Jumba Bet website, you won't instantly see a problem but you won't have to scratch the surface very far to wonder if the website is broken. Or worse, unethical.

Jumba Bet sign-up form Unless you are already a signed-up member, trying to click many of the most important links (ie. welcome bonuses, promotions, latest news, etc.) will get you nowhere except for a relentlessly nagging sign-up box, blocking what you want to read, instead urging you to open a new account. This is NOT the way to encourage potential new members to join any casino, particularly online.

Jumba Bet Casino provide us with specific links to reach their casino where you'll see various welcome bonuses. This begins another sorry tale of a bombardment of misinformation, inconsistencies and baffling bonuses. If you visit Jumba Bet's website directly (ie. not via our website) then you'll see completely different bonuses. It's nothing short of a goddam mess and makes Jumba Bet's casino appear far more unprofessional than it really is, once you've actually become a member (if you get that far).

For clarity and less insanity, we'll outline further down this page the welcome bonuses that you have access to when signing-up via Another reason we'll list only those bonuses is that they are considerably superior to those found when visiting Jumba Bet's website directly. Did we mention insanity?

Prepare yourself! Accepted and excluded countries...

Lots of online casinos are guilty of displaying confusing information on their websites about the countries they do and don't accept players from and which countries are eligible for certain bonuses but Jumba Bet take this to a whole new level of mind-bending confusion. To a passing reader, the assumption would be that Jumba Bet WANT their country-eligibility information to be as messed up as possible. Surely, no-one could screw things up this badly by accident.

What's the issue? Well, where do we start? The reality is that players residing in the majority of countries are accepted at Jumba Bet - even some of those specifically listed as EXCLUDED on their t&c page! For example, we know for a fact that whilst Jumba Bet's client-base is pretty global, their main market is USA-based players. Why then, is 'United States' listed as an excluded country in their terms? We suspect it's a very lazy legal attempt at appearing NOT to accept US players when they clearly do - but that impression wouldn't fly with even the dimmest of people (even politicians).

We have discussed the USA acceptance/exclusion discrepancy on more than one occasion with this gambling group and the answer we've received has always been along the lines of 'Oh yes - we're going to fix that. We do accept US-based players'. We'd rather they be upfront and honest and simply admit that USA players are accepted at Jumba Bet but they'd rather not advertise the fact for legal reasons. Still, to the casual US-based visitor who wants to sign-up and play at Jumba Bet, a quick glance at the t&c page will indicate to them that they are not permitted to join. It's a crazy, crazy world out there sometimes in the world of online casinos.

We attempted to play the role of 'mystery shopper', contacting Jumba Bet from a USA-located IP. We pretended to be an American-based player asking if US players are accepted and explaining the excluded countries list on the casino's website. Two days later, our e-mail bounced back with an error message: "The email account that you tried to reach is over quota". That is NOT very reassuring.

Welcome bonus mayhem, currency confusion and yet more country chaos!

Free no deposit required bonusFirst, let's start with some good news (as you'll discover - if you make it to the end of this review - we do have positive things to say about Jumba Bet!). If you are already a member of another online casino within this gaming group then the sign-up process should detect that your membership details (name, address, etc.) are already in the system and can create your new Jumba Bet account using that information, saving you time having to re-enter the same personal details. That's a handy time-saver and is confirmed with a 'Your account has been activated' message. Surprisingly, but pleasingly, we were also advised that 'You may transfer funds between any casino in the group.' which is not something we come across very often with networks of online casinos.

New members joining Jumba Bet via are welcomed with a $/€50 free no deposit required bonus via the use of bonus code VIP50. The main terms for this free bonus are that the wagering requirement is x60 and that the maximum allowed cashout from this bonus is $/€100.

To claim this bonus, sign-up/download Jumba Bet then head for your account cashier (clicking 'Deposit' will do it) and then the 'Bonus' tab, which will open up an empty box where you can enter the VIP50 bonus code. This will instantly credit your bonus balance with $/€50 for free and show you have $/€4000 a wagering requirement remaining. As you play games and progress 15:39 08/11/2020through the wagering requirement, you can at any time check your status in the cashier.

As with 99.9% of bonuses, Jumba Bet's wagering progress prior to cashout will depend on which permitted games you are playing with your free $50. The wagering contributions for the $50 free no deposit bonus are as follows: 100% - slots and keno, 50% - roulette and three-card poker, 25% - baccarat, 10% - video poker and finally, a really-not-worth-it 5% when playing video poker games.

Jumba Bet Casino accepted currenciesThe only excluded countries are Australia, Curacao, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, South Africa and the UK with some additional limitations when it comes to claiming no deposit required bonuses (see further down this page). The reason we've bolded Australia, Hungary and the UK in the no deposit bonus exclusion list is that we wonder why these countries even need to be mentioned in the terms, given that apparently (if we are to believe the t&c page) players from these three countries are prohibited from joining Jumba Bet in the first place.

There are loads more incorrect and conflicting countries and their eligibility for membership and/or bonuses scattered throughout Jumba Bet's terms and conditions and it would take us another three or four lengthy paragraphs to list them all in due detail. Just take our word for it - the t&c page is properly in need of attention.

If you were hoping that at least the accepted currencies would be made clear at Jumba Bet then you're in for further disappointment. Whilst Jumba Bet's website lists on its banking page: "All bonuses, deposit and withdrawal amounts apply to the following currencies: USD, NZD, CAD, EURO, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK", it won't be long before you to notice that the casino really offer a similar (but different) list of currencies when it comes to account creation time (see image - left).

These are all very unprofessional appearing errors that shouldn't happen at any online casino where the staff is on the ball regarding its image. All too often, as appears to be the case with Jumba Bet, most or all of the casino's focus is concentrated on providing a good casino experience for members, which is admirable, but at the expense of taking their eyes of the ball when it comes to the 'front-of-shop' display that is their website. As a direct consequence, Jumba Bet is doing the casino - the actual 'product' of the company - unnecessary harm. All it takes to solve this problem is the hiring of one talented and clued-up webmaster to fix all of these inconsistencies and errors.

Jumba Bet first deposit bonus codeFirst deposit bonus offers

By following any links to Jumba Bet's website from, you will automatically be offered what appears to be a special deal that isn't available to visitors who head directly to the casino's website. We didn't ask for this special promo from Jumba Bet for new sign-ups but it appears you're getting it anyway.

If you visit Jumba Bet directly via its website then you will see a first deposit bonus of 200% up to $/€600 available via bonus code JB200 and it is this promotion that's outlined in more detail on the 'Promotions' page at Jumba Bet's website.

You are perfectly free to claim the above standard welcome promo but if you want to considerably increase both the bonus percentage and maximum claimable amount when making your first deposit then instead use bonus code VIP350 to receive a 350% bonus up $/€4000. It's not difficult to spot the bigger deal for more ambitious players.

Lots of multi-software games in one casino download

Jumba Bet, featured online casino gamesAny staff members of Jumba Bet reading this review can uncover their eyes for a moment - we're about to write some nice things. We mentioned earlier in this review of Jumba Bet that despite all the many failings we've highlighted, this is a high quality, lots-of-fun casino with hundreds of entertaining games from different software suppliers/designers.

On the condition that you have definitely established your country-of-residence as accepted at Jumba Bet and you've (wisely) downloaded Jumba Bet's software to your computer then you are likely to become a long-term player. The bonuses are decent and there is enough variety of games to satisfy the most demanding online gambler. Stakes can be played from very low up to serious number for high rollers or players looking for a special big attack on the casino's bankroll. Jumba Bet is a casino that caters to all-comers with any level of budget.

Members of Jumba Bet who have downloaded the casino will become aware of newly released games, special offers and bonuses upon opening up their casino. You can locate most of the same information from Jumba Bet's website (good luck) if you're prepared to cross your fingers that everything you're reading is accurate, given previous form. Again, download wins and another plus to downloading Jumba Bet is access to all the games from all providers 'under one roof'.

New games are added at an impressive rate at Jumba Bet, courtesy of the casino's numerous suppliers and online casino game design studios. Saucify in particular are particularly prolific and you'll see lots of new unique, themed and 'with-a-twist' games appearing from this provider in your download casino (and on Jumba Bet's website). It's great that there is always something new, fresh and imaginative to play, even if you think you've played them all (which is unlikely, given the many hundreds of games on the Jumba Bet virtual casino floor).

Horrible website but a pretty good online casino

Jumba Bet only claim to have opened in 2016 but we know this is a casino brand that is part of a longer-operating online gambling group, so we can give Jumba Bet credit for having a solid enough history that goes back to the beginning of the millennium. In all that time, we haven't received a single player/visitor complaint regarding Jumba Bet.

If we can forgive the horror's of Jumba Bet's website, sign-up inconsistencies, confusing terms and conditions and some unacceptably poor customer support (and that's a lot to forgive), then you will discover a good online casino behind the scenes. Players who like to part in regular promotions, claim no deposit bonuses and free spins, etc. are advised to spend the time getting through the sign-up procedure because there is plenty to admire about Jumba Bet once you've become a fully, signed-up client.

It's easiest to simply download Jumba Bet Casino and join via the premium software and wherever possible, ignore the casino's website entirely if you're looking for reliable information that you can 100% guarantee to be accurate. If in any doubt regarding a promotion or term/rule, then get onto Jumba Bet's 'live chat' (but see below for potential problems with Jumba's Bet's live chat also!) and get the facts directly from a casino support staff. Take screenshots of any relevant chats (or save a copy of the live-chat if the software allows) and keep a copy, just to protect yourself against any claims of rule-breaking/wrong-doing in the future.


Despite our lengthy-but-justified rants regarding the failings of Jumba Bet's website (which in many cases, will be a potential player's first impression of the casino) and iffy customer support, we've tried to be fair and point out the unavoidable - we don't think Jumba Bet is a bad casino to be a member of and once you ARE signed-up, you are likely to be satisfied with the casino and the games it offers. It will be preferable (required, we'd insist) to have a reliable customer support contact method, just in case you win big and want the cashout's validity confirming or for any enquiry about Jumba Bet or your membership account.

The website's waywardness and customer service problems have certainly prevented us from giving Jumba Bet a coveted Grade-A thumbs-up rating but the casino itself shouldn't disappoint and it doesn't fully deserve a 'red warning' thumbs-down rating either. If you're a website designer, it might be wise to send your CV to Jumba Bet - they need your help.

Jumba Bet Casino screenshots

Jumba Bet Casino website
The Cash King slot, Saucify
Single-Deck Blackjack
Jumba Bet Casino website
The Cash King slot at Jumba Bet
Single-Deck Blackjack

Jumba Bet Casino download
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July 2021 welcome bonuses

New members of Jumba Bet signing-up via Casino-Download are entitled to claim an enhanced 350% first deposit up to $/€4000 (minimum qualifying deposit $/€20). See examples below.

  • Deposit $/€20 and get $/€70 free bonus - start with $/€90
  • Deposit $/€100 and get $/€350 free bonus - start with $/€450
  • Deposit $/€1125 and get $/€3937.50 free bonus - start with $/€5062.50

All deposit bonus money at Jumba Bet will need to be wagered x60 prior to cashout. Different games contribute different percentages towards your x60 wagering target, as is common with most online casino deposit bonuses. The only games that contribute 100% towards your wagering goal are keno and slots so it is probably best to play only these games until your wagering is completed or approaching completion.

The other permitted games for play with bonus funds and their corresponding wager contributions are as follows: 50% - roulette and three card poker. 25% - baccarat. 10% - video poker. 5% - blackjack.

No matter which day of the week it is or what date during the year, you can be absolutely certain than Jumba Bet will be running various ongoing promotions for its members. Some of these will be reload bonuses (very often with free or bonus spins in the deal), prize-winning tournaments or competitions, promotions to celebrate new game releases (again, usually with some kind of extra spins attached to the offering) and loads more.

Daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and all types of bonus can be found on Jumba Bet's promotions page on its website or within the downloadable Jumba Bet casino. There is also a lively, up-to-date 'news' page that will keep you informed of the latest promo's, bonuses and offers.

Download Jumba Bet Casino
Jumba Bet download filename: JumbaBetInstaller.exe
Download link casino verified on 03 July 2021

Visit casino website - T&C

Download Jumba Bet casino softwareDownload instructions: we're reluctant to go over the whole downloading topic yet again so we'll give you the basics. If you want to download Jumba Bet from the casino's website - you can't. The only method we know of to access the Jumba Bet download casino is via here at Casino-Download, using our future-proof download link service that will (thank goodness, in this case) keep track of the current location of Jumba Bet's download casino, regardless of where it is hiding or disappeared to. Simply click the 'Download Jumba Bet Casino' link above to get started.

Jumba Bet Casino information

Software: Betsoft, Genii, Rival, Saucify

Excluded countries: Australia, Curacao, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, UK

No Deposit Bonus-only excluded countries: players living in the following countries may download Jumba Bet Casino and play as normal but cannot claim any NO deposit bonuses until a first deposit has been made: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominica, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Guadeloupe, Herzegovina, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. Other bonuses including the standard welcome deposit bonus are still claimable by new Jumba Bet members.

Licensed in: Curacao

Year launched: 2016

Accepted banking methods: Bitcoin, Check (couriered or standard mail), Credit/debit card, ecoPayz/ecoCard, Pre-Paid/Gift Cards, Wire transfer

Currencies: CA$, DKK, EURO€, NOK, NZ$, SEK, US$

Cashout limits: The smallest withdrawable amount is $/€100 or your currency equivalent. Once you've made your first deposit at Jumba Bet, you will automatically be allocated a 'loyalty level' as part of the casino's four-tier loyalty program that awards 'comp points' (which are worth real money) to your account as you play. Depending on which of the four loyalty levels your account is currently set to, your weekly withdrawal limits will be somewhere between $/€1500 to $/€5000 weekly. As you play more casino games for real money, your loyalty level and thus cashout limit at Jumba Bet Casino will increase. If you already know from the beginning that you consider yourself a high roller or VIP player (we're talking regular deposits of thousands) then it's definitely wise to contact Jumba Bet (if you can - our attempts via e-mail and live chat failed, but they do advertise telephone numbers so one of those might work!) before making a first deposit to discuss increased cashout levels and an enhanced comp point earning ratio.

Jumba Bet live chatContact details



Telephone: Canada - 1-855-745-1441, Europe - 0800-911-620, other countries - 1-844-236-8582 (all numbers are toll free and staffed 24/7, if we're to believe the casino website)

Live chat: unfortunately, Jumba Bet's live chat support shows a similar sign of the abandonment that has befallen the casino's e-mail support. Customer support at Jumba Bet is advertised as being available "24 hours a day" but that wasn't the case when attempted to reach Jumba Bet via live-chat. We waited and waited... but no-one was there. Eventually, the live-chat timed out on us and we were requested to send a message instead (see screenshot - right). As equally unreassuring as the e-mail support fiasco.

Postal address: Jumba Bet Casino, Genesys Technology NV, Emancipatie Boulevard 31, Curacao

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