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Treasure Mile Casino Download

Up to $/€/£525 FREE welcome bonus

Here at HQ (a shed), we review and keep track of so many online casinos that lots of them can eventually start to resemble each other. Particularly with the non-download browser-play casino scene, almost all casinos and their numerous brands really offer the same thing to gamblers, even if the public profile of each casino (ie. the casino's website) appear very different at face value. Naturally, non-gaming aspects such as customer service, banking options and speed of payouts will help players to split the decent from the dodgy but unless you've played at each and experienced the entire process of depositing, playing and cashing out, which will probably mean some losses along the way, then potential new clients don't have a lot of information to help them decide which of a thousand same-looking casinos to join. Thank your lucky stars then that we do the yucky work for you. We'd love to say it's a pleasure but it often isn't. Yeah, poor us.

Treasure Mile can be downloaded, played in a browser or a phone/pad/tablet. We almost always suggest players initially (and probably thereafter) use download casinos in preference (or addition) to using the casino's browser/mobile version for reasons we'll dig deeper into further down the page. As always, we recommend potential new sign-ups to read the entirety of our independent review of Treasure Mile before joining or depositing.

Treasure Mile & Co.

Treasure Mile Casino loyalty rewardsTreasure Mile Casino is part of the established online gambling group Genesys Club, which also contains other well known casinos within its stable such as Big Dollar, Grand Eagle, Lucky Creek and Mandarin Palace. You can use your same Treasure Mile login details to access all three casino versions (download, browser and mobile) without needing to go through the process of creating a new membership account. You will, of course, have to download the new casino's software if you intend to play the download casino. Members of multiple casinos in this group can even move funds from one casino to another! That's not something we see on a daily (or even monthly) basis and left us very impressed with the effort Treasure Mile's download casino staff have obviously put into crafting a beautifully easy to use lobby and banking/cashier area for their members. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

Most countries are accepted at Treasure Mile although some countries are specifically excluded from certain types of bonus or promotion (always read the terms!). Accepted countries at Treasure Mile actually include the USA despite the casino's website incorrectly listing the USA as an excluded country. In reality, American gamblers make up the majority of Treasure Mile's clientele which would easily confuse US-based players. See further in our review for accepted and excluded country information.

There are other niggles with Treasure Mile's website and browser-based casino that will convince any remaining non-downloaders to go ahead and download Treasure Mile's casino because it's MUCH easier to navigate and a pleasure to use. Treasure Mile's intentions are clearly well-meant and we're not keen on being overly-critical for this reason. The casino's website/non-download casino enables you to check out all the latest promotions and offers and we cannot argue that they're not all very good and interesting and well-written up clearly for players, because the team behind Treasure Mile obviously have considerable design and marketing skills and they've done a brilliant job.

Here comes the 'but' - there's way too much on offer and the navigation of it seems bewildering at times. At least, it looks that way to us. As recommended, by far the easiest way to keep track of the various bonuses, offers, promotions and competitions at Treasure Mile is to download the casino software and manage everything from your own personalised casino, happily installed onto your own computer.

Not all players and visitors to Treasure Mile will mind the constant and differing bonuses and promotions on view. In fact, some players will love it and this will be an ideal place to play. For those non-downloaders who are greedy for bonuses on a regular basis, you will probably love Treasure Mile's sprawling website bonuses and the associated browser casino.

Me! Choose me!

Launched in 2009 with the difficult task of becoming a successful online casino in a virtual world of LOTS of competition, particular in the fiercely-competitive downloadable casino sector, Treasure Mile has made some considerable effort to stand out from the crowd and it's definitely worked in certain areas and niches targeted by Treasure Mile.

In lots of ways, we have be to blunt and point out that despite being one of just a few multi-software download casinos in existence and even provides its members with EXCLUSIVE games not playable anywhere else, the vast majority of Treasure Mile's games can be played at hundreds of other online casinos, some of which you might already be a member of. This is not a criticism or put-down of Treasure Mile as you might suspect as there's not much the casino can do about their game suppliers also providing the same games to rival casinos.

The fact that Treasure Mile has gone the extra mile to add some exclusive games to the download casino demonstrates that the casino intend and are making steps to shine brighter than the competition in order to be the online casino of choice for potential new clients looking through hundreds of casinos, deciding where to play. Creating unique, proprietary games is no cheap deal and signals plenty of good warning signs for online gamers always on the look out for something new or different to play.

Treasure Mile's mission was always to stand out from the pack. The multi-software download casino and exclusive games are an excellent attraction but it's the unbelievable amount of bonuses, promo's and competitions where Treasure Mile's offerings put this casino right at the top of the best online casinos for bonus-hunting players.

Back to the '20's with a load of bonuses

Officially, the 'theme' of Treasure Mile will have you sent back in time to the 'roaring '20's' and you'll be "surrounded by the exuberant culture, indulging new fashion, vibrant new music and new styles of dancing". Treasure Mile isn't just putting a lick of 1920's paint onto a generic casino with no effort, they've actually done a surprisingly good job of capturing some of the 'feeling' we imagine the 1920's era must have involved. Treasure Mile reckon they've knocked together (our words, not theirs) an online casino of 'sheer sophistication' and an 'environment that is relaxed and fun'. We're not going to disagree one bit and players are welcome to soak in as much of the atmosphere as they want to but the fact is - Treasure Mile's USP is the casino's relentless promo's, bonuses and other free/bonus money promotions ALWAYS available.

Treasure Mile has clearly made it the casino's focus to literally bombard members with a shedload of bonuses, promotions, free spins competitions, prize draws, reload bonuses and loads more in an attempt to get Treasure Mile known for it's massive selection of offers. Don't misunderstand us - this doesn't mean a crapload of e-mails from the casino (although Treasure Mile does issue a completely optional newsletter that you can subscribe to) but instead, members simply load up the downloaded Treasure Mile casino and be presented with everything on offer now. You can do the same thing - read about current promo's and freebies - at the casino's website but it's a lot more jumbled up and not so smooth to navigate (although everything looks amazing) so it's another vote for downloading Treasure Mile.

Welcome bonuses and no deposit required free slot spins are an option for new Treasure Mile clients. There are some country exclusions for certain types of bonus so do spend a few seconds glancing to see if where you live is mentioned anywhere as approved or excluded for something. In any event, as you'll find out, we don't recommend new members accept Treasure Miles welcome bonuses due to awful terms (see later) despite all subsequent bonuses and promotions being operated under much fairer terms. We'll be discussing Treasure Mile's bonuses blitz and t&c later in this review.

Download, browser & mobile games at Treasure Mile

Treasure Mile's virtual casino floor consists of hundreds of tables (eg. blackjack or poker) and machine games (eg. keno, slots, video poker). Regular online casino players will recognise many of the more popular titles supplied by leading third-party game designers. However as Treasure Mile's casino also includes exclusive games designed in-house or by another games developer ONLY for their casino members, you will be guaranteed to have access to something new that you've not played before when you open a new account.

As well as the casino's own self-made games, Treasure Mile also provide their members with lots of games covering numerous categories via their third-party network of suppliers. Some games might be download-casino only but Treasure Mile's browser version does a great job too and won't disappoint. The externally-provided titles come from highly-regarded and well-established design studios Betsoft, Rival, Saucify and other suppliers. Mobile phone, pad/tablet and Etch A Sketch (y'never know) users can play a 'good for what it is' version of the browser and download casino combined, but into a smaller selection of games. Some players swear by their mobile play and NEVER use a laptop/PC/browser and happily bet using their phone or tablet but it will always, ALWAYS be a second or even third-rated product when compared to Treasure Mile's downloadable casino and everything that it has to offer. They are not fairly comparable due to the limitations of the smaller device, screen and more complicated playing techniques.

There is nothing to stop members of Treasure Mile using all versions - 1. download Treasure Mile to your computer, 2. play the no-download casino in your usual web browser (ie. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari), 3. use your mobile device. The casino is quite happy for you to switch between versions (being logged into only one at the same time, of course) and lots of the biggest internet casino winners are players who flick between the various formats, so maybe give it a try yourself.

So how do I download Treasure Mile Casino?

We thought you'd ask - especially if you've already spent an hour or two frustratingly scouring Treasure Mile's website looking for a download button or any other link to download Treasure Mile's software. Yes, we did the same thing and also cannot locate a direct download link to install Treasure Mile onto your computer, which is ludicrous. Even when logged into an existing account via the non-download browser casino, there is still no sign of a downloading facility for the premium version of the casino.

To download Treasure Mile onto your computer you must be using at least Windows 8. Mac owners can use a PC emulator or just play via Safari (whichever browser you usually use should easily cope with Treasure Mile's no-download casino). However, we found most of the games will work perfectly fine in a browser on older machines with a less up-to-date OS such as Windows XP and 7. If you are using a less-than-desirable PC then it's worth knowing that some of the newer releases won't work with these older operating systems and/or the latest browser updates so you'll need to learn by 'trial and error' which games you can play (ie. see if it loads).

So given that Treasure Mile appear to have joined the annoyingly long list of online casinos that hide their software download buttons/links, that's where swoop in to the rescue and save the day. Go, us! To download Treasure Mile, simply click the 'DOWNLOAD NOW' button in the top/right corner of this screen or the 'Download Treasure Mile Casino' text link further down this page. Either way, you will be downloading the casino installation file directly from the casino. We expand on the download procedure later in this review (see 'Download instructions').

Welcome bonuses, free spins and a LOT more

One thing Treasure Mile could never be accused of is not offering their members enough bonuses and promotions. If anything, they could perhaps be advised to knock out a few less promo's for a while just so we can catch our breath and take in everything that's on offer, without missing something cool in the barrage of bonus offers. Your perspective of Treasure Mile's bonuses philosophy will very much depend on the type of gamer you are and more specifically, the type of bonus-user you are, if at all. Things start brightly at Treasure Mile with a completely risk-free introduction offer that doesn't require a deposit.

Treasure Mile - 25 free spinsFree slot spins - no deposit needed

Treasure Mile almost always offer new members (in qualifying countries) a completely free no-deposit-required welcome bonus in the form of free spins or a small amount of bonus money. Treasure Mile also run regular no deposit required bonuses for ALL players (new and existing) so it can be a bit confusing when looking at the casino's website promotions page exactly what bonus is claimable in what order. We'll try to tidy things up.

At the time of writing, Treasure Mile Casino is giving all new members 25 free spins (no deposit required) on the 40 win-lines slot game Bucksy Malone by Saucify. To get your 25 free spins, without depositing or entering any payment details, simply log in to your Treasure Mile download casino and click on 'DEPOSIT' in the top/right corner and then 'BONUS' to open a form where you can enter promo codes. Enter code FREEMILE into the freebie form to immediately activate the free spins bonus which will be available to play now (see our screenshot after we successfully claimed the free spins bonus).

Treasure Mile's website again could perform better by providing easy-to-find terms and conditions for this bonus but there's literally nothing mentioned. Nada. So it's a case of wading through the casino's general T&C to locate cashout limits, playable games, excluded countries, etc. It's a time-consuming task that will put off lots of potential new customers who will simply move on to a quicker-to-understand bonus at a more transparent website of another online casino. C'mon, Treasure Mile, sort it out.

Free bonus terms & rules

As it's apparently our job to list the free spins bonus terms, here we go. The maximum cashout from any no deposit bonus is $/€/£100 at Treasure Mile. Remember we mentioned the casino also have more no deposit bonuses listed on their promo's page? Before attempting to claim your next free bonus, make sure you're aware of this important term:

"Should a player claim more than one free bonus offer (in succession without making a purchase at the specific casino in question), any winnings generated from this bonus will be null and void." So in other words, you've got to make at least one real money deposit in between claiming no deposit required bonuses at Treasure Mile which is probably a fair arrangement.

The above limits apply to all countries except poor Denmark and Greece who can withdraw only $/€50 from no deposit bonuses. Players from Bulgaria and Latvia get it even worse by not being able to cashout free winnings, instead having the luxury of being able to "claim these winnings as 100% deposit match bonuses for a period of 6 months. Wow, thanks, Treasure Mile!

Treasure Mile bonus wager requirementsThere's also a monster-sized list of countries that never qualify for no deposit needed bonuses at Treasure Mile including Brazil, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain and lots more. See 'Excluded countries' on this page for more information and to see if where you reside qualifies for Treasure Mile's free money bonuses.

Assuming you qualify for Treasure Mile's no deposit bonuses, note the bonus x60 wager requirement (not bad) that needs to be 'played through' until completed, when you can then reach for the cashout button. Additionally, be very careful only to play games that will help you reach the wagering target aim, as not all games will contribute 100% of your stake. The only 100% contributable games are keno and slots. Next best at 50% are Three Card Poker and roulette. The remaining games are probably best left avoided until you've either hit your target or run out of money! Baccarat at 25%, video poker at 10% and blackjack at just 5% do not appeal and will only hinder/slow your progress. Stick to slots or keno.

You can check your wagering progress any time in Treasure Mile's download casino (or browser version) and it's another case of a job well done. Loads of online casinos mess this up but at Treasure Mile, it is extremely easy and fast to find out your bonus and wagering situation (see 'Active Bonus' screenshot).

Ready to deposit? Let's TRIPLE it!

The standard welcome bonus for first-time depositors at Treasure Mile is 200% up to $/€/£500 using bonus code SHOWTIME, effectively tripling your starting balance. As with the free no deposit bonus, all deposit bonuses have the same x60 wager requirement. So if you deposit $/€/£30 and receive a $/€/£60 bonus then you will need to have staked a total of $/€/£60x60 ($/€/£3600) before you may withdraw money from your account.

After you have claimed your first deposit bonus, head back to the cashier and use bonus code TREASURE to be rewarded with an additional $/€/£25 free or your own local currency equivalent - Bitcoin, CA$, DKK, EURO€, NOK, SEK, UK£ and US$ are all supported currencies for Treasure Mile's global clientbase.

A never, ever, EVER ending flow of freebies!

More than once in our review of Treasure Mile Casino we have drawn attention to the attraction (to bonus-fanatics) of the avalanche of promo's always running. We've listed just a very small sample of what's on offer below. If you are a bonus lover, get to downloading Treasure Mile's software now and enter a galaxy of promotions. You won't want to leave.

$/€/£10k Bonus Bonanza Drop - if you hurry

Treasure Mile's popular '$10,000 Bonus Bonanza Drop' is a weekly prize draw that gives Treasure Mile members a chance to win up to $/€/£10,000 every Thursday. On that day, Treasure Mile randomly selects lucky winners from everyone who has played at the casino during the previous week. It's a lovely offer but there's a potentially nasty sting in the tail even if you win the thing!

Note this piece of poop in the Bonus Bonanza Drop T&C: "If your name is drawn, you will receive an email from our VIP team with the subject line: 'Bonus Bonanza Drop'. Once you receive the mail, your bonus is only valid for 10 hours so don't dilly-dally... spend it. If we were you, we'd spend it on the Super Pass promotion."

The bolding of the word 'hours' is by us. It's a potential nightmare. Imagine checking your e-mail five minutes after the ten hours have expired, only to discover you just lost ten grand in free bonus money without even placing a bet because you didn't get enough warning to use any of it. You might even be at work or asleep for most or all of those ten hours after receiving the 'good news' e-mail that could send you spiralling into depression if it is then snatched away from you, just hours later. It's fine to keep members active and alert but just ten hours notice is downright stupid.

Happy Hour Play - 50 free spins daily

Every day between 6am and 10am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) is 'Happy Hour' (more precisely, four happy hours) at Treasure Mile Casino when you get 50 free spins to play the casino's latest games. You'll need to contact customer support using the live-chat facility in your download casino or via the casino's website during the four 'happy hours' and request the 'Code of the Day' for Happy Hour.

If you redeem all seven Happy Hour bonuses over seven consecutive days then you also stand a chance of winning some vouchers, gift baskets, bonus money or free spins. Keep entering the prize draw simply by getting those bonus codes and playing every day.

Need a saxophone?

As well as being able to take part in LOTS of regular (pretty much always ongoing) various free bonus offers, free spin tournaments, prize draws and other competitions, ALL members of Treasure Mile are immediately included in the casino's loyalty/rewards system, the Genesys Club, from the moment you become a member. Every bet you place (wins, draws, losses - everything) will gradually build up your 'comp points' balance. These points can then be exchanged for free spins, bonus money, or real tangible items such as sports goods (ie. golf sets), musical instruments (ie. an Alto saxophone), tech-goods (ie. a Megapixel digital camera) and sparkly stuff such as earrings.

You can check your comp point balance at any time, easily and quickly done if you've downloaded Treasure Mile and are using the premium casino but you can also access this facility via the non-download and mobile versions. See the table of prizes available near the start of this review in the 'Locked Awards' screenshot.

Tip of the iceberg...

Treasure Mile Casino offer LOADS more regular and seasonal offers that can last a few weeks or just a couple of days. We have barely scratched the surface of all the numerous promotions available RIGHT NOW and always available, plus you'll receive anniversary and birthday bonuses if you're at least a semi-active member. If you are the type of player who likes to check in to your download casino at least once a day to see what's new then Treasure Mile is going to be your perfect partner.

Remember that bonuses are optional - plenty of online casino players opt not to face the wagering requirements. Other players love the experience of trying to fleece the casino with its own bonus money and frequently do. As demonstrated, welcome bonuses and any bonus for that matter should be carefully considered and its terms examined prior to being accepted. It might just be easier and less complicated to play only with your own money and have total freedom over your gaming and banking. Everyone is different and you might really enjoy the thrill of trying to 'beat the bonus' (or rather, its terms) as many players definitely do - it's your money and your call!


Yes but more so for particular player-types. If you're the kind of punter who usually plays only with your own money and doesn't want to get bogged down with bonus technicalities (we usually fall into this category ourselves) then there are probably better online casinos for you to download and with a less complicated, jam-packed bonus website. However, if you WANT bonuses and lots of them, promo's, free chips, tournaments and every other type of online casino promotions and you want LOTS of them ALL the time then Treasure Mile and yourself should probably get married.

Treasure Mile Casino screenshots

Treasure Mile Casino website
Bucksy Malone slot
Super Keno
Treasure Mile Casino website
Bucksy Malone slot at Treasure Mile
Super Keno

Treasure Mile Casino download
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July 2021 welcome bonuses

New members at Treasure Mile Casino can claim a 200% welcome bonus up to $/€/£500. A minimum deposit of $/€/£20 is required to activate this and ALL bonuses at Treasure Mile. See examples below.

  • Deposit $/€/£20 and get $/€/£40 free bonus - start with $/€/£60
  • Deposit $/€/£100 and get $/€/£200 free bonus - start with $/€/£300
  • Deposit $/€/£250 and get $/€/£500 free bonus - start with $/€/£750

Do not forget that making your first deposit at Treasure Mile will entitle you to a $/€/£25 free bonus with no deposit needed - just use bonus code TREASURE (see above for more about this bonus).

Treasure Mile Casino software downloadDownload Treasure Mile Casino
Treasure Mile download filename: TreasureMileInstaller.exe
Download link casino verified on 03 July 2021

Visit casino website - T&C

Download instructions: as we fiercely moaned about earlier, there does not appear to be any method of downloading Treasure Mile from the casino's website, even if you are logged into your account via an alternative method (ie. the browser casino). Fear not, it is still a simple procedure to download Treasure Mile's installation software for free via us - direct from the casino. Click the above 'Download Treasure Mile Casino' link to receive via e-mail a future-proof download link for Treasure Mile. Keep this e-mail when you receive it - you'll be able to download Treasure Mile now but also any time you want to redownload in the future, an unlimited number of times. If anyone manages to track down anywhere on Treasure Mile's website where a download link is provided, we'd love to hear from you.

Treasure Mile Casino information

Software: Betsoft, Genii, Rival, Saucify + more

Excluded countries: Australia, Curacao, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, South Africa, UK

No Deposit Bonus-only excluded countries: players living in the following countries may download Treasure Mile Casino and sign-up but cannot claim any NO deposit bonuses until a first deposit has been made. Other bonuses including the standard welcome deposit bonus are still claimable by new Treasure Mile members living in: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominica, Estonia, French Polynesia, Georgia, Greece, Guadeloupe, Herzegovina, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Licensed in: Curacao

Year launched: 2009

Accepted banking methods: Bitcoin, Check, Credit/debit card, ecoPayz/ecoCard, Giropay (Germany), Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill/Moneybookers, UPayCard, Wire transfer

Currencies: CA$, DKK, EURO€, NOK, SEK, UK£, US$

Cashout limits: The minimum cashout is $/€/£$100 or your currency equivalent if not listed. There are no fees for cashing out unless you are receiving your winnings (or what's left of your losses) via wire/bank transfer ($20 fee) or a physical check/cheque via courier post ($30 fee). All other cashout methods have no fee and are sent INSTANTLY after processing (Bitcoin can in theory take up to five days but probably won't). If you have never deposited and want to withdraw your free bonus money/spins profits with no deposit involved then the T&C limit of $100 will kick in. The casino does make a special exception if you've been playing with an Anniversary or Birthday bonus when you can withdraw somewhere between $/€/£250-1000 depending on your player (loyalty) status. Thereafter, your weekly cashout limit will also depend on your 'loyalty level/status'. Everyone begins their gaming at lowly Bronze level but you won't have to be stuck there for very long. Even at Bronze, members can withdraw up to $/€/£1500 weekly which whilst not brilliant, isn't the worst limit we've come across. Move up to Silver level and your weekly cashouts can be as much as $/€/£2500. When you make it up to Gold level it'll rise to $/€/£3500 per week and Platinum level clients have a $/€/£5000 deal. High rollers and regular players are welcome to contact Treasure Mile to discuss higher limits if you intend on playing and winning serious money - they'll be happy to hear from you to discuss a suitable arrangement specific to your intended and existing spending budget.

Contact details



Telephone: +1 888 595 5835 (toll-free)

Live chat: available on Treasure Mile's website/browser casino, regardless of if you are logged into an account. You can also live-chat using the download casino, 24/7 every day/night of the year with NO exceptions. Our tests and genuine enquiries using Treasure Mile's live-chat facility was an excellent experience, always reaching a knowledgeable and friendly support team member quickly and resolving any questions we had. Encouraging stuff.

Postal address: Treasure Mile Casino, Genesys Technology NV, Heelsumstraat 51 Curacao, CW

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