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Blacklisted/Not Recommended Online Casinos

Fortunately, the majority of online casinos and the people behind them are trustworthy. We wouldn't be in this business otherwise and we pride ourselves on not working with dodgepot casinos who are likely to screw over any visitors we send their way. We also don't want to get screwed over ourselves if the casino owes us advertising fees.

The following list of 'not recommended' casinos is a very mixed bag and just because you see a casino listed here, does not necessarily mean that it is a bad or unethical casino - but it probably is best avoided. If they're on this list then we have decided not to put our reputation or approval behind the casino for one reason or another and the casino is almost certainly blacklisted at and any ethical online casino review website. Slowly paid or completely refused cashouts, broken contractual agreements, failure to respond to enquiries, outright theft of funds, rude and arrogant employees/owners and excessive documentation requests are just a few of the reasons why a casino could find itself 'not recommended' or 'not approved' by We've been reviewing online casinos for more than 20 years so we should know our stuff by now.

Take this list for what it is - information about online casinos that exist and are probably best avoided. Feel free to give them a try if you enjoy throwing caution (and your money) to the wind but be warned - when something goes horribly wrong, we won't be in a position to help as we do not work with any 'not recommended' casinos.

Play safe - start with our homepage to find trustworthy online casinos approved by

Full Not Recommended/Blacklisted Casinos List

32 Red - 3Dice - Aladdin's Gold - Betfair - Betfred - BetVictor - BGO - Buzzluck - Energy - Foxy - Gala - Genting - Grosvenor - Guts - High Noon - InterCasino - Jackpot247 - Kitty Bingo - Lucky Red - Manhattan Slots - Mr Smith - Prospect Hall - Roxy Palace - Sahara Sands - Tropica - Vernons

32Red Casino, not recommended32 Red Casino
32 Red Casino has been officially blacklisted for stealing advertisers funds, relentless spamming plus allowing their casino to become rather crappy compared to most online casinos - especially Microgaming casinos. 32 Red is no longer a trustworthy brand or casino and cannot be trusted with your personal information. We urge ALL visitors and 32 Red members to close their accounts. Ensure you remove ALL your details, especially your payment and personal details. Play at 32 Red at your own risk - and it's a big one.

Read more about 32 Red Casino

3Dice Casino, not recommended3Dice Casino
3Dice Casino has been online since 2006 and for the first decade or so, 3Dice was a strictly download-only casino with no instant-play/browser or mobile version. Then everything flipped on its head. 3Dice discontinued its download casino and became an instant-play/mobile casino. Lack of any response from the casino (e-mails to the casino go ignored without reply) is just one of the reasons for blacklisting 3Dice Casino - they also intentionally confuse visitors as to which countries are accepted. Avoid.

Read more about 3Dice Casino

Aladdin's Gold Casino, not recommendedAladdin's Gold Casino
Aladdin's Gold's games are from Realtime Gaming. The no-download version of Aladdin's Gold is Mac-compatible. Not a casino to be trusted, being operated by a proper bunch of crooks.

Read more about Aladdin's Gold Casino

Betfair Casino, not recommendedBetfair Casino
Betfair is a betting site incorporating an online casino, poker rooms, live dealers, bingo games and online betting exchange. Betfair has seized/stolen winnings that should have been rightfully paid to several members. We probably don't need to comment much more than that - if you deposit here, you do so at your own risk.

Read more about Betfair Casino

Betfred Casino, not recommendedBetfred Casino
Betfred is a UK based betting company. As well as its online casino and betting shops, Betfred also offer online poker, lotto, live dealers, bingo and virtual sports. Our dealings with Betfred left a rather nasty taste in our mouth and we won't be taking another bite any time soon.

Read more about Betfred Casino

BetVictor Casino, not recommendedBetVictor Casino
Previously named Victor Chandler, BetVictor is an online casino, poker site and sports bookmaker (online and land-based). It's also a hugely unpopular company with advertisers/affiliates so don't expect to see them recommended on or any other legitimate/honest review portal.

Read more about BetVictor Casino

BGO Casino, not recommendedBGO Casino
We worked with BGO for a number of years, putting up with occasional (but lengthy) late payments but in 2019, BGO finally pulled the plug on what remained of their integrity. Failing to pay future-due revenue to advertisers and affiliates in what appears a 'cash grab' does not bode well for BGO's finances or integrity. Our advice: stay away from BGO - close any existing accounts and remove your identification details.

Read more about BGO Casino

Buzzluck Casino, not recommendedBuzzluck Casino
Another one to avoid from the same wrong 'uns running Aladdin's Gold. Buzzluck used to be trustworthy (and was recommended at until new owners screwed it up almost overnight.

Read more about Buzzluck Casino

Energy Casino, not recommendedEnergy Casino
Energy is a blacklisted no download casino. Go back some years and players were posting positive reviews of Energy Casino with particular praise for fast payouts, a good choice of games and friendly customer service. Fast-forward to today and we're looking at a very different casino operated in a very different way, both for players and advertisers. Energy's has turned to the dark side and have closed multiple accounts and broken contracts with numerous partners.

Read more about Energy Casino

Foxy Casino, not recommendedFoxy Casino
Available for PC, Mac and mobile devices, Foxy accept players in most countries but is most known in the United Kingdom. Foxy is regularly advertised and promoted on UK TV, which is as close as we ever want to get to this brand again.

Read more about Foxy Casino

Gala Casino, not recommendedGala Casino
Gala is a well known UK gambling brand most famous for casino and bingo, both online and land-based. Gala Casino added an extra dimension of gambling and risk to our dealings with them by keeping us guessing as to when they would bite us in the ass. So no, we're not fans of Gala, a view shared in general by online casino websites that's had the displeasure of working with them.

Read more about Gala Casino

Genting Casino, not recommendedGenting Casino
There's a phrase, "Greed is a bottomless pit" and Genting Online Casino appear to have jumped all the way to the bottom of that pit of greed. Breach of numerous contracts and confiscating funds has led to a complete ROGUE STATUS for Genting Casino. Genting online casino is now rogued at for ethical and professional reasons. Any links to Genting Casino will instead be redirected to a trusted casino available where you live.

Read more about Genting Casino

Grosvenor Casino, not recommendedGrosvenor Casino
Part of The Rank Group, Grosvenor is a UK gambling brand with land-based casinos and bingo clubs. Grosvenor Casino only accept players from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Gibraltar. We've met some nice people at Grosvenor Casino but unfortunately we are not in a position to promote them following a change of unethical advertising/marketing policies (closing accounts and retaining/stealing funds) and a mammoth reduction in the quality of their casino, going as far as to even remove the Grosvenor download casino entirely.

Read more about Grosvenor Casino

Guts Casino, not recommendedGuts Casino
Guts originally established itself as a highly regarded casino with an 'interesting' name and a good sense of humour. Player reports were excellent and payouts super-fast, paying out winnings in just two hours. Unfortunately, as a result of Guts breach of contract with numerous websites (ourselves included) and a general lack of morals in recent times, we are not comfortable recommending any players risk real money at this casino. Stay away.

Read more about Guts Casino

High Noon Casino, not recommendedHigh Noon Casino
We are firmly back in dodgepot land with High Noon Casino where the cowboy theme could not be more appropriate. It's another RTG casino with a solid history that was blown to bits by incompetent new owners. Not recommended, in case that wasn't clear.

Read more about High Noon Casino

InterCasino, not recommendedInterCasino
InterCasino demonstrate yet another sad downfall of gambling history turned into trash. Despite being one of the first-ever launched online casinos, InterCasino is now fully blacklisted at and most ethical review guides, following InterCasino's breach of contracts, funds-withholding, account closure/money-seized threats and other wild-west tactics by InterCasino's management, owners and JPJ Group. These dirty tricks include the now infamous money-grab achieved by retroactively breaking legal contracts and stealing revenue.

Read more about InterCasino

Jackpot247 Casino, not recommendedJackpot247 Casino
If you're in the UK then you've probably seen Jackpot247's live roulette on late night ITV1, shown every evening (except Sunday) until around 3am. As well as roulette, Jackpot247 offer live dealer blackjack, baccarat and auto-wheel roulette.

Read more about Jackpot247 Casino

Kitty Bingo, blacklisted casinoKitty Bingo (+ Lucky Pants) Casino
Kitty Bingo has done some TV advertising so there's an apparent appearance of legitimacy but there's always been something 'not quite right' about Kitty Bingo and the other gambling websites within the same group, or rather groups as a plural as the ownership of this outfit is murkier than most internet gambling companies - and that's saying something. Call it intuition from twenty years in this industry but our spider-sense was tingling - with good reason, it turns out. It also helps that we know more about them than they realise - they don't have a lot of friends. We blacklisted Kitty Bingo in 2019 along with their mates Bingo Extra, Lucky Pants, Magical Vegas and SpinandWin with plenty more pure online casino brands to follow from associated casinos marketing under separate umbrellas but actually all part of the same outfit. Smoke n mirrors, y'know?

Read more about Kitty Bingo Casino

Lucky Red Casino, not recommendedLucky Red Casino
Another RTG casino cruelly struck down in its prime by the incurable 'new owners disease' (NOD) that claimed the long-earned reputation and success of Aladdin's Gold and Buzzluck. Let's try to remember them for what they were and hope there will be no more casualties of NOD.

Read more about Lucky Red Casino

Manhattan Slots Casino, not recommendedManhattan Slots Casino
Launched in 2010, Manhattan Slots is primarily a slot based casino with a downtown Manhattan boutique theme. It was all looking pretty and elegant in the boutique until our old enemy NOD disease banged its way through the door and made everything look, smell and feel like sixty-year old used underwear. Damn you, NOD! In summary, a casino only for dirty old underwear fanatics.

Read more about Manhattan Slots Casino

Mr Smith Casino, not recommendedMr Smith Casino
Boring name but not a boring history. Mr Smith entered the online casino scene with a UK focus and a questionable reputation from the day they took control of the casino from some really nice people, who had built this casino into a British success under the name of Harry Casino. Even if we dismiss all that, Mr Smith's owners decided in 2019 that enough was enough as far as paying all debts go - time to play dirty (and they did - closing accounts with due funds in them). Mr Smith is blacklisted and can go be boring and dishonest somewhere else.

Read more about Mr Smith Casino

Prospect Hall Casino, not recommendedProspect Hall Casino
Prospect Hall is a multi-software mobile and no download casino based in the United Kingdom. We worked with these guys very briefly and don't plan on doing it again. Connected to Betfred's online casino affiliate program which has an appalling reputation for closing its affiliates' accounts and not paying advertisers.

Read more about Prospect Hall Casino

Roxy Palace Casino, not recommendedRoxy Palace Casino
We'd rather sleep at night than send new visitors to this 'casino', owned by the same lovely people that operate the massively blacklisted 32 Red. Only for players who like to join casinos operated by arrogant arseholes and enjoy slow payouts, rude staff and the knowledge that the casino is stealing funds owed to advertisers and closing their accounts. Roxy Palace is no longer a viable or trustworthy casino in our eyes - there are much better places to play, more impressive game collections, faster payouts and better rewards.

Read more about Roxy Palace Casino

Sahara Sands Casino, not recommendedSahara Sands Casino
Sahara Sands is another rogue casino from the same stable as the equally horrendous Tropica Casino (see below). Sahara Sands has Rival Software games but we'd only recommend playing them for fun, never real money. Sahara Sands has failed to pay numerous debtors and isn't likely to change its ways.

Read more about Sahara Sands Casino

Tropica Casino, not recommendedTropica Casino
Tropica Casino does its best to impress its little sister, Sahara Sands (above) by leading the way in being a particularly crap casino. Player payouts are slow (that's when they actually happen) and the casino has a very justified reputation for choosing not to pay its advertising/affiliate fees. An all-round rotten egg.

Read more about Tropica Casino

Vernons Casino, not recommendedVernons Casino
Vernons Casino is a UK gaming site, part of the brand made famous through football pools betting back in the days before lottery tickets could be bought in every British newsagent. Vernons Casino has games from Playtech games. As with all other online casinos on this page, Vernons is not currently endorsed by

Read more about Vernons Casino

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