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Up to UNLIMITED welcome bonus

Most online casinos that have been in business for a considerable length of time, well in excess of fifteen years, would normally have ironed-out any problems encountered and have a strong, loyal following as a result of a now established, trusted reputation. But the online gambling industry is like no other with strangeness lurking at every turn and longevity doesn't always guarantee a great reputation for the casino and doesn't always mean a brilliant experience for the player.

This is sort of the case with Palace Of Chance, a casino that boasts of being "Your No.1 Online Casino since 2004". It sounds fantastic but still... we'll take a look just to be sure and discover if Palace Of Chance really is the No.1 Online Casino. It's a mighty ambitious claim but perhaps not unfeasible for a casino online since 2004. There are reports that this casino launched even further back under different ownership (or the same ownership under a different name) back in 1998. It would not surprise us.

Note the minimum age required for membership of Palace Of Chance Casino is 21 and all wagering (and account balance) is done in US$, although of course you can deposit and cashout as normal in your own local currency if not US$. Everything is converted for you automatically.

A long-standing but imperfect reputation

Palace Of Chance is certainly no 'one-brand operation' and is just one casino in the long established Virtual Casinos group that has been in constant operation, seemingly with lots of players, for more than fifteen years but the casino brands in this gambling network have always suffered something of a flawed reputation, both with dissatisfied players and within the online casino industry generally. Several of the most popular internet gambling review websites have blacklisted Palace Of Chance and all other casino brands within this group, namely:- Club Player, Cool Cat, Dreams, Prism, Ruby Slots, Slots Of Vegas and Wild Vegas.

Each casino within the group will offer new members a welcome bonus so it's perhaps worth a look around the other casinos in this network if you find yourself playing at and enjoying your membership at Palace Of Chance.

Whilst investigating the numerous complaints about Palace Of Chance at popular online review sites, we found that many complaints were actually the fault of the player not bothering to read bonus rules or general terms and conditions. We can't blame Palace Of Chance for that - most of the casino's T&C is quite clear and doesn't take long to read. However, not all of the complaints (and there are LOTS of them) can be justified so easily.

Slow payouts and dodgy reviews

Palace Of Chance jackpotsBy some margin, the bulk of player complaints against Palace Of Chance are down to slow payouts. When compared to the speedy payments or even INSTANT payments, which are freely available to members of Casino Extreme to quote just one example, it does appear that Palace Of Chance players could be getting a better bang for their buck elsewhere. Read more about Casino Extreme (new tab/window) and find out if you're eligible for a $/€50 free no deposit required bonus or visit Casino Extreme now.

Palace Of Chance players do receive their withdrawals if no rules have been broken (in which case, forget your cashout) but it is likely to be a slow process. If you have won a couple of thousand or more, you'll be waiting even longer if the barrage of negative cashout reports can be believed.

The official line from Palace Of Chance is that "All withdrawal requests will be reviewed within 7 business days from the date of the request. A maximum of $2,500 will be approved per pay period." but is then contradicted elsewhere in the terms with "Payment will be made in 7 to 10 business days after approval". Apparently the 'pay period' of $2500 is weekly and "All balances will be sent the following week(s)".

Players who have reviewed Palace Of Chance have frequently complained of waiting several weeks and even months to receive their cashouts. The volume of complaints is enormous and too much to believe the casino is getting a raw deal - there is clearly a lot of truth to the complaints. Even if only half of the complaints are valid, it's a very poor show and one that does continuing damage to the reputation of all the casinos within this gambling group. There is clearly a policy of 'slow pay' when it comes to winnings, which frustrates players (who are unlikely to return) and it frustrates industry professionals because we know this gambling network has the funds to pay players properly and quickly.

Not all of the player reviews of Palace Of Chance were negative and in stark contrast, have written about amazing experiences, great support, brilliant games and quick payouts of winnings. Now, we're a cynical bunch here at and we know horse-shit when we smell it. It didn't take very long to inspect the profiles of these positive reviewers and it is clear that they are either employed as staff members of this network or are paid reviewers, outsourced to write positive reviews in an attempt to mitigate the overwhelmingly negative feedback. We can't prove it, of course - but they didn't do a particularly good job of covering their tracks so we'd put a big, fat bet down that the gushingly positive reviews, at least in part, are fake.

One piece of advice if you intend to play for real money at Palace Of Chance - get your personal ID documents submitted and confirmed as verified immediately, ie. before you even get to withdrawal stage. Otherwise, you will be asked for these documents when you attempt to make a cashout and this will slow down the withdrawal process considerably so it's best to get your ID cleared ASAP to avoid additional delays when you want to withdraw funds.

Getting started - Palace Of Chance download and games

Palace Of Chance sign-up formOur first visit to Palace Of Chance's website brought immediate disappointment by ways of lots of broken links that simply didn't work. We also felt let down by the live-chat facility which should be a valuable tool for converting casual visitors into new, real money players. Unfortunately, you are blocked from using the live chat to reach a support representative unless you already have an account at Palace Of Chance to log into. It doesn't feel like a very open-armed welcome.

All games at Palace Of Chance are designed and provided by Realtime Gaming (RTG) and can be played via any of Palace Of Chance's three different casino formats. First and definitely the best option, you can download Palace Of Chance to your computer, providing access to the entire RTG collection of games at the casino. Second, you can play most of Palace Of Chance's games in your usual web browser without downloading the software but this will result in some download-only games not being available. Third, you can play the most basic but portable of all three versions with Palace Of Chance's mobile casino which should work on any modern phone or pad/tablet.

If we're to judge Palace Of Chance based on quality and quantity of its games then we'd have little negative to report. The only 'complaint' is that RTG is the only supplier so players who prefer to download casinos with games from multiple suppliers might eventually become disappointed with only RTG casinos. There's nothing keeping players from using Palace Of Chance only when the urge for RTG action strikes and also playing at multi-software download casinos when you're not feeling RTG cravings so much. In fact, that's probably recommended - it never hurts to have at least a couple of online casinos where you are considered (by the casino) to be a regular player and thus a valued client. An excellent suggestion for a multi-software download casino would be This Is Vegas where you can download one piece of casino software containing games from at least six different suppliers (Betsoft, Fresh Deck Studios, Rival, Saucify, Spinomenal and Tom Horn).

Palace Of Chance download casino softwareTo repeat ourselves, downloading Palace Of Chance's software is going to make life easier, faster and prettier for you during your time as a member. The casino itself confirms that the Palace Of Chance download casino offers additional benefits and facilities not found in either of the other two versions including the ability to play multiple games at once, side-by-side and more 'immersive gameplay' (those are the casino's words).

Regardless of how you access Palace Of Chance - download, browser or mobile - games are split by type into different categories for easier navigation. Game-types include 'video poker', 'table games' and 'slots' and it's easy to browse your way through all the games until you find what you're looking to play, whether that be a particular game or just one that caught your eye whilst looking through the various categories and sub-sections. If there's a specific game you want to play then you can search for it in both the browser and download casino.

Counting the games and free-play fun

As we'll expand upon as this review of Palace Of Chance progresses, the casino's website is littered with problems, including plenty of inconsistent information. Trying to ascertain how many games are available for players should not be a difficult exercise but the casino's own website isn't sure with different numbers being provided depending on which page you happen to be visiting. In one instance we have, "Over 100 games available online" and on another page, "When you step through the Palace of Chance doors, you'll be greeted by close to 150 games" yet when trying to open a new account (and we had problems with that too!) we are told Palace Of Chance has on its casino floor "Over 200 Top-rated Games".

If you're wondering which of the above is correct, well... (drumroll)... NONE of them! After counting individually all of Palace Of Chance's casino games in all categories (not the most enjoyable part of writing this review) and taking into account Palace Of Chance's download casino contains the most games we counted somewhere in the ballpark of 270 games. So whilst 'Over 200 Top-rated Games' is technically correct, it's selling the casino's collection of varied and modern games short, significantly.

We also have to consider that Realtime Gaming release newly designed games every month and that pace only seems to be increasing with new games hitting the online casino market (well, those using RTG) at quite the rapid rate. You can see all the latest game additions at Palace Of Chance by selecting 'New release' in the games menu. When adding these new games to the existing collection, we think it would be accurate to predict Palace Of Chance's (download casino) game collection to reach and break through the 300 barrier before long - probably during 2021 and perhaps even whilst you're reading this review, if we haven't got around to updating it yet!

Palace Of Chance free, real money gamesOne aspect of Palace Of Chance's website we are definitely not going to complain about is the easy, free access to members and non-members alike to almost all of the casino's games for 'fun-play', ie. not real money.

Unlike at lots of annoying online casinos, Palace Of Chance allow us to play the majority of games simply by visiting the casino's website (or downloading Palace Of Chance's software) and clicking on 'Play Now' in the site navigation menu at the top of every page. This takes you into the browser casino edition and provides instant access to hundreds of RTG games, all playable in the Palace Of Chance software download or at the casino's website.

There is no requirement to provide any details when playing just for fun, download any software (unless you opt to) or have an account with the casino. Simply click 'PRACTICE' for the game you want to play and it will load quickly, ready to play for free, zero risk. As there's no membership required to play these games, it's worth bookmarking this page for easy access to the latest RTG games when you get in the mood for gambling but don't want to risk losing any real money. Playing free games really can help scratch that itch.

One final, we think hilarious part of the FAQ asks, "Is there an age requirement to play at Palace of Chance?" and of course, they wouldn't have it any other way, the answer is "There is no age requirement to play the games for fun" which is likely to give anyone working for any online gambling licensing body a heart-attack!

Download, Sign-Up and then Bonus Time

Palace Of Chance no limits sign-up bonusSo you've visited Palace Of Chance's website or downloaded the casino software and opened a new membership account. It's welcome bonus time, yes? The casino's website isn't shy about promoting what appears to be a 'too good to be true' first deposit welcome offer of 200% - unlimited and with 'no rules', 'no wagering requirements' and 'unlimited cash-out'. We'll inspect this bonus shortly.

Unfortunately, for some reason we ran into a brick wall when we attempted to open a new player account at Palace Of Chance. We completed the short registration forms with our real, accurate details but then received the following message: "Sorry, an error occurred while creating your account... Player object validation failed. Please contact our live support for help, or try again."

If that wasn't frustrating enough, the 'contact our live support for help' advice was linked but broken - clicking it did nothing and in any event, we already know that to use Palace Of Chance's live support, an existing player account is required so we wouldn't have been able to chat with them anyway. Overall, registration was a proper mess. As we couldn't chat live with the casino's support to enquire about the problem opening our account, we sent them an e-mail with our details and the error message. We are still awaiting a reply.

So really no wagering needed, unlimited bonus, no max cashout and NO rules? REALLY??

Assuming you do not encounter the same difficulties that we did when opening your new member account at Palace Of Chance, you will then become eligible for what appears to be the best, most generous and flexible online casino welcome bonus ever offered by any casino in the entire history of online gambling. After all, a 200% first deposit bonus with 'no wagering required' and 'no rules' are expressed, extremely prominently and repeatedly, so you might ask - what's to stop a new player making a first deposit, claiming the 200% welcome bonus and then immediately cashing out everything as pure profit?

Palace Of Chance 200% coupon codeCasinos rarely make horrific mistakes that cost them a fortune when creating new bonuses for players and it's no different in this case at Palace Of Chance. They ain't stupid.

If you are already familiar with and understand the term 'sticky bonus' then you will already have spotted exactly how the casino has protected itself from play that isn't in the spirit of the promotion. For those not in the know, a 'sticky bonus' (which is what our 200% bonus is - sticky) is always deducted from any cashouts. It can be played with and you can make real money with it that can be cashed out but the bonus itself, well it 'sticks' in your account.

Using our example above of the crafty non-player depositing $100, receiving a $200 bonus and having a balance of $300 as a result, Mr/Mrs/Miss Crafty couldn't then simply withdraw the $300 balance because the $200 bonus is sticky, leaving ol' Crafty with the option only to play or withdraw maximum the original $100 deposit. It's fair enough and if the bonus was not sticky on this occasion, it would probably bankrupt the casino once word got around.

This first deposit bonus is claimed with promo code NEVERENDING200 and a minimum $30 deposit. We've seen other review websites advise players to play only bingo, scratch cards, keno and slots with the 200% bonus money. We've also seen some websites state that there IS a wager requirement to this bonus but if there are 'no rules, no wagering' as claimed so insistently on the casino's website then there should be no restriction on which games you can play. We have reached out to the operators of this casino and will report back here on what's the real deal when they respond.

Standard bonus terms at Palace Of Chance

Palace Of Chance T&CIgnoring the 'no rules, no wagering' 200% welcome bonus, Palace Of Chance provide lots of other bonus and promo opportunities for members to take part in. They're all optional, of course, but bonus-hunters are well looked after with a non-stop flow of new offers.

Palace Of Chance often credit new and existing members with completely free no deposit bonuses and these are certainly not 'no rules' bonuses, as you'd expect with a risk-free bonus from the casino. Unless stated otherwise in the terms, all no deposit bonuses are subject to a x30 wager requirement of 'The bonus amount' and this wagering can be completed via the 'bingo, scratch cards, keno and slots' games we mentioned above, which is perhaps how other websites have made the error. You can play 'All Allowed Table Games and Video Poker' with no deposit bonuses but you'll be doubling your wager requirement to x60 and is probably not a great idea.

One quirk - unless we're reading the no deposit T&C incorrectly - is that the minimum AND maximum cashout from a no deposit bonus is $100. Not a cent less. Not a cent more. In other words, the max cashout from free bonuses is $100.

The next wagering term is not the nicest and we'd like to see it removed or amended. "Wagering on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon 21, War, Sic Bo, and/or 'Shooting games' -eg. Fish Catch is not allowed with any promotional bonus or No Deposit Bonus (unless specifically stated otherwise). If an excluded game is played before completion of the above wagering requirements, the Casino reserves the right to void all funds and close the account". Well, how about this solution? If there are games SO toxic that Palace Of Chance will confiscate any winnings and even close your account if you play them, then it should be BUILT-IN to the casino that these games are not loadable whilst playing with bonus money. These are the worst kind of terms that really get us annoyed and put Palace Of Chance in the naughty corner for a horribly aggressive term that they should have removed a long time ago and resolved the reason for it being there in the first place (ie. block players from reaching banned games).

As you've made it this far into our review of Palace Of Chance (well done, we stopped reading ages ago) then there's a reasonable chance you're going to stick it out to the end of the review when you'll learn of more 'brilliant japes', such as the casino website publishing two different max cashout amounts per week ($2000 and $2500). You will also have to contend with another maximum withdrawal amount term which goes as follows: "Maximum withdrawal amount is determined solely by the amount of the deposit. For example, if the player deposits $100 and uses a bonus with a x10 maximum withdrawal limit then the maximum amount that may be withdrawn is $1000", which seems to basically be warning us that at least some of Palace Of Chance's bonuses have a deposit multiplier limit when it comes to cashout time, so look out for those limits when considering reload bonuses at Palace Of Chance.

Think we're done with cashout limits yet? We'll give you a clue - we didn't include this paragraph just to make the review longer than it already is. Here's your next pressie: "When using a deposit bonus, any withdrawal request must exceed the sum of the deposit and the deposit bonus. Eg. If the player deposits $100 and receives a $100 bonus, the withdrawal request must exceed $200". Again, it's not an ideal term and would prevent some players from making smaller withdrawals but it's all in the rules, so follow them.

Loyalty and VIP rewards

Most half-decent online casinos will have some sort of loyalty program, usually all very similar along the lines of awarding 'comp points' for your casino game betting activity. Palace Of Chance is no different in this regard and every 100 comp points earned has a value of $1 which can add up to a decent side-pot of money just by having an extended slot session where you don't really win or lose at the end of it all. In this scenario, you might not have won (or lost) playing the slot itself but all your spin stakes will have accumulated into a big pile of comp points, just waiting to be exchanged into completely free playing money.

Palace Of Chance VIP RoomIn addition to comp points, players at Palace Of Chance can also receive extra rewards via the casino's 'VIP Room', which is actually open to all players. Click the 'VIP Room' text link found at the bottom of any page of Palace Of Chance's website to visit the VIP Room and discover the benefits of becoming and remaining a long-term, regular player. As a VIP Player at Palace of Chance, you will be entitled to more benefits, higher bonuses and increased table limits, as well as regular gift bundles described below.

The VIP Room is made up of four gift baskets of various account perks that are earned when your total deposits at Palace Of Chance reach a certain amount. The four levels and total deposits required to qualify are Level 1: Jade ($5000), Level 2: Pearl ($10,000), Level 3: Ruby ($15,000) and Level 4: Diamond ($20,000). The targets might seem high if you're starting from the ground up but the rewards and prizes do seem quite good including free chips as you break into each new tier - Level 1: Jade ($250), Level 2: Pearl ($350), Level 3: Ruby ($400) and Level 4: Diamond ($500). Other perks include 5-40% monthly cashback, free chip every month (no deposit required), faster comp point earning and for the lucky few, personalised gifts. Maybe a coffee mug (we don't know).

Ongoing promo's, bonuses and a kick up the arse

An attractive selling point of Palace Of Chance is that it's definitely an online casino for players who insist on having bonuses always available, all the time, every day - for every occasion they feel the desire to deposit. At Palace Of Chance, there's a different promotion every day of the week listed on the casino's website so it's worth checking out the 'Promotions' page to see what's being offered right now. You'll need to be logged into your account to see all current available promotions which is another annoying thing about Palace Of Chance's website. If a passer-by is curious about the casino's promotions then don't hide that information behind a requirement to sign-up as a new member!

If you couldn't tell, we've become more than a bit pissed off with Palace Of Chance's website and whoever is responsible for its upkeep should be sacked or at least given a huge kick up the arse. Much of the website is good, or rather it probably was when it was accurate and working, which is what we suspect was the case a few years ago.

Noticeable links and pages are broken, incomplete or contain errors - it's obvious the casino's website has been left to rot in places and the result is a non-fully working site that has plenty of potential to chase off potential new clients. We can see examples of where the casino information is out-of-date or just flat-out wrong as things have changed over the years, leading to much of the FAQ page containing outdated and/or not-helpful misleading information. Sort it out, Palace Of Chance. This is your shop front.


Whilst we are far from impressed with many aspects of Palace Of Chance, it isn't exactly a dodgy casino either. If you win, you will get paid - but probably slowly. Unlike several other online casino review websites, we don't believe that slow payouts alone should constitute a 'blacklisted casino'. If the games are fair and you WILL be paid your winnings (eventually) then blacklisting is too strong a reaction.

That doesn't mean we particularly recommend Palace Of Chance either - there are far better RTG-powered online casinos to choose from, most offering considerably quicker payout times, customer service staff you can always easily reach and less website problems.

If you are prepared to accept no-hurry payouts then Palace Of Chance is as good an RTG casino as many similar ones you'll easily find online in their hundreds. If you want quick payments, guaranteed-reliable support and larger cashout limits then we recommend you play elsewhere.

Palace Of Chance Casino screenshots

Palace Of Chance Casino website
Frog Fortunes online slot
Palace Of Chance, Tri Card Poker
Palace Of Chance Casino website
Frog Fortunes slot
Tri Card Poker

Palace Of Chance Casino download
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September 2021 welcome bonuses

Palace Of Chance Casino offer new members an unlimited 'no rules' 200% first-deposit bonus by entering promo code NEVERENDING200 in the cashier. See below for some examples.

  • Deposit $30 and get $60 free bonus - start with $90
  • Deposit $100 and get $200 free bonus - start with $300
  • Deposit $500 and get $1000 free bonus - start with $1500

There are many more player promotions available on top of the welcome bonus and loyalty rewards. Palace Of Chance run bonuses, competitions, prize draws, reload bonuses, no deposit required free money and much more and they do it regularly.

Download Palace Of Chance Casino
Palace Of Chance download filename: PalaceofChanceInstaller.exe
Download link casino verified on 13 September 2021

Visit casino website - T&C

Download Palace Of Chance CasinoDownload instructions: credit to Palace Of Chance, this is one online casino that has made downloading its software a breeze. After reviewing many casinos that have buried away their download casino, there are no such annoying shenanigans when you want to download Palace Of Chance. To download the software file (PalaceofChanceInstaller.exe) from Palace Of Chance's website, click the 'Join Now' link at the top of the page and then wait for Palace Of Chance Casino to download. If it doesn't start automatically, there's a 'Download App' you can click to force downloading to begin. WARNING: although Palace Of Chance does make downloading its software easy at the moment, other online casinos within the same network have removed links to their download casinos recently so it is entirely possible that Palace Of Chance will follow suit. In several cases, is the only known source to download the software for some online casinos in this network. To avoid potential issues redownloading in the future when required, we recommend obtaining a 'future-proof' link, e-mailed to you from us, containing a link to directly download Palace Of Chance Casino. This link should work in the future even if Palace Of Chance do go ahead and follow some of its siblings in shifting its software download into some black hole - so do not delete the e-mail from us containing your Palace Of Chance future-proof download link when you receive it. Clicking any download link on this page will initiate the easy process of obtaining a future-proof download/e-mail.

Palace Of Chance Casino information

Software: Realtime Gaming (RTG)

Excluded countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cabo Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Costa Rica, Cote D'ivoire, Cuba, Czech Republic, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Eswatini (Formerly Swaziland), Fiji, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-bissau, Guyana, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Isle of Man, Israel, Jamaica, Jersey, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nagorno-karabakh, Nauru, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Samoa, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Timor-leste, Togo, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, Venezuela, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe + the US states of: Maryland and New York. Even if your country is not excluded, you might be restricted to certain types of bonus (ie. some countries are except from claiming no deposit required promo's). To see the full, see the up-to-date list of all countries (PDF file) accepted and excluded at Palace Of Chance, including bonus allowances. You can see the same document as a MS Word doc file by clicking here.

Licensed in: Costa Rica

Year launched: 2004/1998

Accepted banking methods: Bitcoin, Check, Credit/debit card, Neteller, Wire transfer

Currencies: US$

Cashout limits: good question. Once again, Palace Of Chance's website falls flat on its face with inconsistent information. This is not unimportant information either - for complete transparency and fairness, an online casino's cashout limits should always be 100% clear and most of all, consistently published wherever they are mentioned. That's not how Palace Of Chance does things with its website. If we are to believe the banking page then "Palace of Chance Casino allows a maximum payout of $2,000 per week" which although a piss-poor amount, would at least be clear enough if it wasn't for the main T&C page having its own version of events with, "A maximum of $2,500 will be sent per week". Very shoddy stuff.

Contact details



Palace Of Chance live-chatTelephone: 888-262-5515 (toll free phone)

Fax: 800-847-5125

Live chat: via casino website or Palace Of Chance download casino, available 24/7 but you will need to be logged into a player account to use the live-chat service, otherwise you are only invited to send a message. Live-chat at Palace Of Chance is really only for existing account holders then and that's not a great move by any casino. Potential new players frequently want to chat live with a support rep to ask questions before signing up. Palace Of Chance is likely to lose those customers.

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