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Up to $/€/£5560 FREE welcome bonus

Of all the casinos that make up the mighty Casino Rewards 30-strong network of online casinos and its more than 15 million customers (see below for details), Grand Hotel has one of the better websites with plenty of interesting information such as latest winners, new games and quick-guides for newcomers. Experienced online casino downloaders eager to get going can dive straight in, download Grand Hotel Casino and be betting within minutes, if not seconds (depends how fast you can type!).

As has always been the case since Grand Hotel's 'grand opening' way in November 2000, you can download Grand Hotel to your computer/PC/laptop or play in your browser. As times have changed, Casino Rewards has continued to keep pace with new technology and there's now also a mobile version of Grand Hotel Casino to download to your phone, tablet, pad, etc. We will discuss these different casino formats later in the review. Games have traditionally been provided only from the designers at Microgaming but members of Grand Hotel are now able to download games from countless third-party talented designers, releasing fresher and more exciting new casino games every week.

A chocolate on your pillow & what else?

Whilst Grand Hotel has kept its casino fresh-as-a-daisy and up-to-date with the latest games releases, tech developments and gameplay features for its members, one thing the casino seems reluctant to change is the welcome bonus for new sign-ups. For as long as we can remember, Grand Hotel has always welcomed new clients to its casino with introductory bonuses up to $/€/£5560 spread over your first four deposits, the bonus amounts depending on your deposit amounts.

It's certainly no bad thing with us that Grand Hotel hasn't felt the need to change its welcome bonus - consistency is a rare thing with internet-based casinos and it makes a nice change for us not having to update different bonus terms every other week as happens with some online casino welcome promo's! The welcome package is obviously working nicely for players and the casino alike so don't break what ain't broken (no doubt, they'll change the bonus shortly after we write this).

Checking-in at Grand Hotel - the welcome bonus

New members at Grand Hotel Casino are invited to receive optional welcome bonuses on the first four deposits made. The minimum qualifying deposit for each of the following four bonuses is $/€/£10.

Your first real-money deposit at Grand Hotel will be matched with a 100% bonus up to $/€/£100. Example, deposit $/€/£100 (or more) and you'll get a $/€/£100 bonus.

Your second deposit gets a 50% bonus up to $/€/£150 so a deposit of $/€/£300 would secure the maximum possible second bonus of $/€/£150.

Deposit a third time for a 30% bonus up to $/€/£150 and finally, your fourth deposit will earn you a 20% bonus - good for another $/€/£160 bonus. That's a total of $/€/£560 in bonuses.

The more astute of you will have spotted already that our welcome bonus appears to be a bit short. $/€/£5000 short, in fact, if the opening blurb and casino's website is to be believed. New members are promised up to $/€/£5560 and NOT $/€/£560. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the above welcome bonus but the missing $/€/£5k needs addressing.

On the casino's website, the initial four deposit bonuses worth $/€/£560 are listed clearly and correctly. For the 'missing' $/€/£5000, all we get is: 'Enjoy 4 huge welcome bonuses on your first 4 deposits and up to $/€/£5000 free in your first year alone in promotions, giveaways and so much more!'

It's very vague and not at all acceptable - and certainly not in keeping with Casino Rewards' usual style of clarity. It's probably the worst mistake we've seen Grand Hotel make but it's a BIG one and we do NOT like to read glimpses of promises of riches or rewards without any details, instructions or anything at all to back it up. Naughty, Grand Hotel. It's a surprisingly blunder that we can only put down to an error-of-judgement because the Casino Rewards group, including Grand Hotel, is a bunch of really nice people who do not seek to mislead. Let's hope the website and its boastful bonus claims will be updated and made more realistic soon.

T&C and the small print

Back to positive feedback - apart from the above 'five grand fiasco', Grand Hotel's terms and conditions are clearly laid out on their website, refreshingly straightforward and easy to understand. The terms themselves can on occasion be a little player-unfriendly or could be improved but there's nothing horrific to report.

99% of online casino bonuses come with attached wagering requirements (the total amount of bets placed: wins and losses combined) that need to be met prior to cashing out and Grand Hotel's four welcome bonuses are no different. The first welcome bonus (100% bonus of up to $/€/£100) is subject to an intimidating bonus x60 wager requirement before you can withdraw funds, so if your first deposit is $/€/£100 to claim the max $/€/£100 bonus then your wagering target will be bonus ($/€/£100) x60 = $/€/£6000 so you are going to need a big sprinkling of luck to complete the wagering requirement before running out of playing funds.

The wager requirement is only applied at x60 to the first deposit made. For your second, third and fourth deposit bonuses the wager requirement is halved to bonus x30 although the balance-boosting bonus percentages drop gradually as you work your way through them, from 100% > 50% > 30% > 20% so it's clear the casino knows what it's doing! We're not being mean or harsh, just highlighting that bonuses sometimes are not as amazing when closely inspected as they first appear.

There's nothing wrong or particularly great about the welcome bonuses at Grand Hotel and those players who prefer bonuses will immediately accept them, probably regardless of terms and conditions that they'll never read. More clued-up players will spend a few minutes at least glancing over the key points of accepting any bonus or promotion before making a final decision as to whether it's really what it seems and is worth accepting. There is much to be said for playing only with your own money and the 100% freedom of membership doing so allows.

Downloading Grand Hotel Casino

Depending on which route you take and which country Grand Hotel detects you are located in, you will either automatically download Grand Hotel's casino software for free from our website or via two different forms at Grand Hotel's website (the software is downloaded directly from Grand Hotel Casino). You'll see images of both forms on this page - simply complete whichever one happens to land in front of you to download Grand Hotel for free if the download doesn't start automatically and then register a new client account or log in to an existing one. Downloading takes just seconds and you don't need the latest, hi-tech computer (system requirements are not heavy and a Windows 7 or later OS should do it).

Your download link via (direct from the casino) has the benefit of being a 'future-proof' link that connects to the Grand Hotel download casino now and in the future, an unlimited number of times, always downloading the most recent release version of the casino with the latest games, software updates and guaranteed to track down Grand Hotel's downloadable casino even if Casino Rewards move the download link to a different location in the future, as tends to happen! We also provide instructions later in this review on how to visit the Grand Hotel website and download the casino's software from there but it'll be a one-off, latest-only download version. Any future updates will need to be downloaded as they occur.

Download Grand Hotel CasinoAccording to the team at Casino Rewards, many of their biggest money winners are members who play at Grand Hotel via more than one method of the three available - download, browser and mobile. So it seems Grand Hotel members like to spin a few browser-based reels during breakfast at home and then play a few hands of blackjack on the bus to work, before aiming for a video poker royal flush on the premium Grand Hotel download casino when they get home. Or something like that. Our point being, there are three versions and you can choose which you prefer but each has its own benefits and inevitable drawbacks in comparison to the others.

You can use your same account login details to access all three casino versions so there's nothing to stop you trying them all. As always, downloading Grand Hotel Casino is the first thing we recommend new members do. Grand Hotel's download casino is the premium Microgaming product that not only offers the most realistic atmosphere, ambience and ease-of-navigation but also provides members with additional facilities and benefits in the form of instant game loading, increased security, additional download-exclusive games, extra banking options and more.

Mac users can download this casino with the help of a functional PC emulator or simply play the no-download version (see below) using any compatible Mac browser. Either way, Apple Mac users are welcome at Grand Hotel Casino.

Browser-play and mobile gaming

Grand Hotel downloadAdding to our glowing praise above for Grand Hotel's download version, we have little to no criticism of the browser-based 'no download' version, sometimes referred to as the 'instant-play' casino which is something of an oxymoron as browser-play requires you to load a casino game every time you want to play it. The download casino saves games for instant replay. Noone ever said the world made sense!

In any event, Grand Hotel's browser-based/instant-play/no-download (whatever you want to call it) version of the casino is still very, very good and not a poor reflection on its bigger, downloadable brother. Yes, there are the differences we highlighted and it's a fact that most true 'professional' high rollers at online casinos will only ever use downloaded casinos but unless there's a particular download-only game or banking method that you require then your browser will probably suffice for play and banking at Grand Hotel. Download the casino too, just to compare.

As expected, mobile gamblers can play anywhere on their mobile tablet/pad or phone. This is a downloaded app that contains a smaller selection of Grand Hotel's games - nicely done but not comparable to the premium download casino or even the browser edition. Still, opinions vary and we know lots of you like to gamble using your mobile devices so go for it and see what you think of Grand Hotel's mobile casino. Naturally, tablets/pads have a larger-screen advantage over most phones (even the stupidly massive ones) but even phone versions often pay out huge, real money prizes. The format you're playing on won't matter a bit when you hit a massive win. It's all real money.

Hundreds of casino games & loads of variety

For the majority of its earlier existence, Grand Hotel Casino was content to offer games from one supplier, Microgaming - the biggest online casino game provider. Back in the day (not very long ago, actually) it was impossible to provide download casinos with software from more than one casino, hence we had Microgaming download casinos, Playtech casinos, RTG casinos, etc. with games from only one software publisher. Well, thanks to some clever people, multi-software download casinos are now a regular occurrence.

Grand Hotel still use the services of Microgaming to deliver the games to your casino but they've now got deals with lots of independent online casino game creators who have thrusted loads of new titles and enthusiasm into what was starting to become a rather stale portfolio of new releases. These new independent designers are the way ahead with fresh ideas and already some amazingly weird and fun games being available to download. As well as new Microgaming-designed games added to the casino floor, you can expect a constant flow of new, often wacky titles from design teams All41 Studios, Crazy Tooth, Just For The Win, Mahi, Slingshot Studios, Zensar and a LOT more designers. It's a great time to be an online casino player for those who like regularly released new games to try.

Overly-modest, Grand Hotel proudly claim to have 'more than 480 games'. It's probably not modesty in reality, just a bit of laziness on the part of the website designers because we know the number of games available for play/download at Grand Hotel is far higher than the 480 quoted, sufficient as that amount of games would be anyway. Evolution Software, the best live dealer company in the world, provide Grand Hotel's live dealer table games if you'd like to ramp up the realism about 10,000% and play, chat, mingle with real live dealers and other players sat at the table (private live dealer tables are available).

Grand Hotel payout reportTable games include various poker games, lots of different roulette options, blackjack and more. If you're a video poker fan then you'll be well served with plenty of games to choose from, including tens or better, jacks or better, power poker and lots more. There is pretty much a 100% chance that Grand Hotel has on its virtual casino floor the games you want to play, with a diverse spread of all types of gaming entertainment.

Grand Hotel has all classic casino games such as blackjack, poker and other card/table games, roulette, literally hundreds and hundreds of slots and lots more for moments when you feel like playing something 'out of the ordinary'. Our sub-headline above promises 'loads of variety' and that's exactly what Grand Hotel members have access to with lots of different types of games and gambling including bingo, keno, scratch cards and others that will certainly attract your attention once spotted. For something truly surreal, have a few plays on Poke The Man (see game screenshot below) on which we actually made some money!

All of Grand Hotel's gameplay and results are independently audited with the results published monthly for anyone to examine on the casino's website. Grand Hotel is also a member of the Interactive Gaming Council and operate under both their Code-of-Conduct and that of In other words, they're not dodgy which we already knew, but it's nice to see confirmation.

Meet the rest of the gang

Play/download at Yukon GoldAs we mentioned right at the start of this review, Casino Rewards own several different online casinos and Grand Hotel is just one of them, but very much one of the most important casinos in the group. Any company with an incredible clientele of 15+ million users has the benefit of providing players with instant peace-of-mind, something that is priceless. Grand Hotel is operated by a bunch of decent, honest people we have met on several occasions. Just a few of the other casinos in the Casino Rewards group include the following: Aztec Riches, Blackjack Ballroom, Captain Cooks, Casino Classic, Casino Kingdom, Colosseum, Cosmo, Golden Tiger, Grand Mondial, Luxury, Quatro, UK Casino Club, Villento, Yukon Gold and Zodiac and eventually, one day, we'll get to reviewing ALL their brands!

Feel free to click any of the above casinos within the Casino Rewards Group. You are allowed to join as many as you wish and claim ALL the available welcome bonuses. You will need to download the different software for each casino if you're not playing via your browser. recommendedRecommended?

Yep. Think twice about taking the welcome bonuses unless you really don't mind the sweat and stress of the Battle-of-the-Wagering-Requirements but other than that, go for it. Grand Hotel is perfectly honest, fair and has a massive selection of fun games. Customer support doesn't get any better than Grand Hotel's and payouts are easy and fast.

Grand Hotel Casino screenshots

Grand Hotel Casino website
Roman Power slot
Poke The Guy
Grand Hotel Casino website
Roman Power slot at Grand Hotel
Poke The Guy

Grand Hotel Casino download
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July 2021 welcome bonuses

New sign-ups making a first deposit (minimum $/€/£10) at Grand Hotel are eligible for an optional first deposit bonus up to $/€/£100. See examples below.

  • Deposit $/€/£10 and get $/€10 free bonus - start with $/€/£20
  • Deposit $/€/£40 and get $/€40 free bonus - start with $/€/£80
  • Deposit $/€/£100 and get $/€100 free bonus - start with $/€/£200

Free bonus money will be accumulating for you in the background as you play your normal games. This free money is earned in the form of 'comp points' which are awarded every time you place a bet. Similar to wager requirements, it does not matter if your bets end up winning or losing - it's the stake value that earns your comp points. You can check your comp point balance and redeem them for cash at any time in your Grand Hotel download casino and exchanging points for cash in your account cashier. Every 100 comp points earned is worth $/€/£1 and they can easily and quickly build up to become a nice lump of cash, created just for playing games of your choice and if you've been winning during your play, then you've won profit AND comp points. A double win.

Download Grand Hotel Casino
Grand Hotel download filename: GrandHotel(COUNTRYCODE).exe
Download link casino verified on 03 July 2021

Visit casino website - T&C

Download instructions: as described above (see 'Downloading Grand Hotel Casino'), the best way to download Grand Hotel and keep a permanent 'future-proof' copy of the link is by clicking 'Download Grand Hotel Casino' (directly above) and following the instructions. You will receive via e-mail a direct-download link that downloads the software directly from the casino. You should keep this future-proof link somewhere - it will work in the future any time you want to redownload Grand Hotel's casino software, on a new computer perhaps. Alternatively, you can download the same file from the casino's website by clicking 'Visit casino website' above then 'DOWNLOAD HD SOFTWARE' (if the download hasn't started automatically) and finally completing the Grand Hotel download form, requiring only your name and e-mail address.

Grand Hotel Casino information

Software: Alchemy Gaming, All41 Studios, Atomic Spin, Aurum Signature Studios, Crazy Tooth, Evolution Gaming, Ingenuity Gaming, Just For The Win, Mahi, Microgaming, Neon Valley Studios, Resurge, Slingshot Studios, Spin Play Games, Switch Studios, Triple Edge Studios, Zensar + more

Excluded countries: Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bhutan, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos Island, Comoros, Congo, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Malawi, Maldives, Malta, Mauritania, Mayotte, Nauru, Netherlands, Niger, Niue, North Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Palau, Philippines, Pitcairn, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Rwanda, Singapore, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Uganda, USA, Western Sahara, Zaire

Licensed in: Kahnawake Gambling Commission (Canada), UK

Year launched: 2000

Accepted banking methods: Abaqoos, AstroPay Card, Credit/debit card, eCheck, ecoPayz/ecoCard, eKonto, EntroPay, eps, Euteller, eWire, EziPay, Flexepin, Giropay, iDebit, Ilixium, InstaDebit, Instant Banking, Jeton, Kalibra, MultiBanco, Neosurf, Neteller, Nordea, PayPal, Paysafecard, Postepay, Przelewy24, Qiwi, Sofort, Swedbank, Skrill/Moneybookers, Ticket Premium, Trustly, uNet, UPayCard, Wire transfer

Currencies: CA$, EURO€, UK£, US$

Cashout limits: players lucky enough to win more than x5+ the total amount deposited at all Casino Rewards casinos (including Grand Hotel) are limited to withdrawals of $/€/£4000 a week, which whilst not ideal is not terrible either and will only occur if you're considerably ahead of the game. If you are even luckier and bag a progressive jackpot win at Grand Hotel then your jackpot total - even if it's in the millions - will be paid to you as one lump sum, no delay! Cashouts can be processed from your browser version or the cashier (preferable) via the downloaded Grand Hotel Casino.

Contact details



Live chat: available 24/7, 365 days a year at Grand Hotel's website (loads of buttons to click to chat) and when logged into your Grand Hotel download casino account

Postal address: Grand Hotel Casino, Fresh Horizons Ltd, PO Box 656, Bondi Junction NSW, Australia 1355

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